Alright? Had a shit, tiring day, very glad it’s over. Did take delivery of 500 pairs of socks though. Got quiche, chips n beans for tea and not too many beers cause I’m working in the morning. What’s on then?

Honestly think we should just live in Ruffdog’s bangers thread forever now tbh.

Still absolutely jammed full of the ol’ covid-19 so another uneventful night on the cards for me.

Oh sorry I thought that was just bangers. I’ll get it merged?

No, it is, but I just think that second post is so glorious that we should stay there and bask forever

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Skelped this.


Gonna go see that Everything Everywhere at Everyman and eat … Every Food? Have Every Drink? Run out of steam tbh

Should be good time, ready for some top tier metaverse chat

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Got three days off now.

Still not drinking though so they’ll be three completely fun-free days, but…

Holy shit I want all of that right now.

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M&S curry for tea

Have tidied the flat so I don’t have to tidy it when hungover on Sunday before anyone comes round in the afternoon. Feel very adult. (I’m 42)


My kiddo is up there somewhere ready to perform!


Polyphonic Spree?


Oh shit I might get a pizza, is that ok?

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As long as you post a picture and have a side of chips and curry sauce.

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If the Spree enjoyed screaming between every song.

@rob.orch seen there was just a programme on BBC one about big wave surfing in Cornwall? Was beautiful

5-a-side tournament this evening. We are losing badly. I don’t care. Bit thirsty tho.


Polyphonic Scream?

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A true Friday night attitude :smiley:


Good evening lovely people :blush:
Gonna be a quiet one on here tonight isn’t it!
Had some leftovers for tea but wasn’t massively hungry tbh. Have been off the sauce since last weekend and wanted to continue that but have had a frustrating day so having a ‘secco. Gotta be up early tomorrow though cause I’m gonna go see some bears.