Pissed. wearing a suit. Happy Friday


Stressful week at work as usual. Partner has booked us a table later for curry. Getting pissed. Ooo Lana Del Rey has just come on. Mint

Evening all,

Making some chicken burgers and chips for dinner tonight, got some sparkling wine chilling in the freezer and then I’m going to potter and get drunk whilst watching some trash! Top Friday nighting.

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They are really big! Continental Giants apparently. But they’re not quite as big as I’d feared. They’re very docile and kind natured, and Cheekster 2 is already making firm friends with them :rabbit::rabbit:

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The best feeling :blush:


Got a wedding tomorrow so doing fuck all tonight. What a laugh!

Having Chinese but forgot the pic


been a long busy wee day, pure gaspin for a beer or two but said i’d pick up the folks/sis/niece at the airport. They were due to get in back of 6 but they ain’t due to land for another 45 mins. Gonna be ages till i get a beer :grimacing:

Was it succulent?

Also, love those knives. Got a drawer full of them for some reason.

At a Craig Finn From The Hold Steady solo show

:-1: on my own, obviously
:+1: on the younger end of the crowd age spectrum


oh aye it was. you know when it hits just right. finished the lot in one sitting (special chow mein, efr, 8 mini spring rolls) and I usually leave a third for snackin’.

they’re good knives.

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Also got loads of these knives. Good knives.

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They’re amazing, they look very friendly! :blush:

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Think I might go to bed. Fucking Australia.

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Noodles and rice is an interesting one.

Now lying on the couch stoned watching Industry eating Ventricina salami.

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If you’re not having at least 2 carbs, you’re doing it wrong

Evening all!

Played quite well at football again and still got beaten by about five goals. I’ve been late for nearly everything today due to roadworks and rain.

It also appears my car radiator has burst so that’ll be a lovely thing to get fixed in the morning.

3 pints tipsy, coming home to burgers for dinner, sticking on a fun horror to begin SPOOKY SEASON, am ppp happy y’all

Hope everyone is good


This feeling is only getting better

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