Frivolous Friday - a thread


Just took my new meds, now patiently waiting fr one of the 15 common side effects I might get to reveal themselves. :grimacing:

Both parents are going out so I will be looking after an especially anxious doggy until this afternoon. saveloy and chips when they get back though :yum:

Oh mate that’s a lot of walking! Will you have to go back to the same place for jab #2?

I’m genuinely terrified of taking new medication for this reason. Had too many bad experiences. Hope they work out for you though!


I’ve had an eventful morning already - I took Jimbo to school and went for a diverted route to buy coffee and cake, and I’ve also bought some gig tickets for the first time in over a year (at @grievoustim 's instigation) - Dry Cleaning and Jane Weaver, if you care.

I’ve done a bit of work, and then in about an hour or so I’ll wander into town again to pick up the new Orielles album and get some lunch from somewhere called Bam’s Kitchen . Looks like you make a pretty good sandwich @Bamnan !


Have you walked to the Etihad? That’s a fair old trek, especially in the weather we had this morning.

Sod’s law it’s stopped now you’re there.

I will indeed. The pharmacy 10 mins from my house have extra stock but you have to go at the end of the day and queue and just hope they’ll fit you in…and I’d have to take M and don’t want to do that plus it’d clash with her bedtime and there’s no way a 4 yo will stand around for 1 or 2 hours next to a main road. Doing it through the GP for some reason means I have to go out of my area because I’m vulnerable but not priority :woman_shrugging:t2: bit weird innit. But I love walking so as long as the next trip isn’t a downpour it’ll be cool


No, out past Levenshulme. Would have been lovely coming along the Loop but don’t feel safe walking it as there’s been quite a few muggings and that.

Bit weird but at least you get it done. :+1:

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I saw a good tweet about the need for more women to be involved in designing sustainable transport routes the other day. Disused railway lines and old industrial areas are too isolated to feel and actually be safe.

Typically by the time it occurred to me it would be of interest to you and other posters, it was swallowed in my time line and I can’t find it again now.

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Yeah, especially as it’s for something that I didn’t know I had in the first place! Looks like a bit of a tickly cough, hopefully that’s all. Fingers crossed!

I was watching something the other day about new towns that mentioned, i think, Basildon, and it was talking about how they made all these pedestrian walkways for road safety. But it didn’t occur to them that they’re more isolated and less visible than roads so women especially don’t like using them.

It’s the same here in Bracknell. The road network isn’t designed to be used for walking so you’re pushed onto pedestrian routes with a lot of underpasses and secluded paths that women obviously don’t like using. At one of my old jobs the car park kept getting full before the late shift started, so they got this overflow car park, which was “accessible via a well lit underpass”, to which my response was “great, at least we’ll all be able to give a good description of our attacker” :grimacing:

Good morning.

It’s a gorgeous day here. So far I’ve had a coffee and a yoghurt, and now I might have a poached egg or two on some toast. Then it’s bikey, bit more worky and then friday night!

Also payday <3.

Eldest’s first day back at school and there’s a bomb threat so all kids sent home by 11am. Great stuff. Idiots.

Good thread and account for this topic below. Charlotte lead the team I was attached to at a competition 18 months ago, and is brilliant.


I saw her give a great talk at the festival of place last year and am slowly reading this

Oh hang on, Charlotte didn’t give the talk I don’t think, but it was about that book.

thats shitty, hope you’ve warmed up by now x

This was the issue with the modernist overhead walkways, streets that don’t need to be policed or too sheltered.

hi folks, hope you’ve had a good week!


Rebecca Black’s gone donk