Greggs have shrunk the size of their baguettes fucking fuming.

Cricket is on Channel 4 again, what a time to be alive. Now I can sit and be unproductive at work while watching proper coverage rather than be unproductive at work watching dody streams.


Or have you just got bigger?


Oh no is it? Damn. Just watched two hours of cycling, guess I’ll have to watch the cricket now instead. Such a shaaaaame. All this work I could be doing!

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Can’t decide if I should go hell-for-leather social media promo for #BandcampFriday or resign myself to it just being a fruitless drowning in a sea of noise

  • hell-for-leather
  • fruitless drowning

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I mean, I do actually have a fair amount of actual work to do too…

Since I got my new pillow I’ve been having constant and really entertaining lucid dreams. Magical pillow.

My neighbour told me the cat goes to hers first thing every morning and yowls for her cats to go out and play, and I know he and the fox call for each too, can’t get over how cute it is that he has a friendship group.


I need to poked the dis hivemind

There was a disputed question in my mates and i’s quiz last night.

What year did Denmark join the EU?

The answer given and accepted by the quizmaster - 1973.
The answer I gave and believe is correct - 1993.

What say you? Does Denmark joining the EC count as also joining the EU, or does the EU come into being the moment the Maastricht treat was ratified?

This one, in the context given

Of all the things to get into beeves over, I would never have expected the EU to be on any list.

FWIW I would go with the 73 answer, without hearing how the question was actually phrased. I wouldn’t have said the UK only joined in the nineties with Maastricht.


yeah but

it could have been one of those very strict pedantic quizmaster half-trick questions where they say ‘no, I specifically asked about EU not EC’

so I’m with @sheeldz on this


say “hi-dee-hi bandcampers”

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Fucking knew I could count on ya

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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, innit? The quiz setter is at fault for allowing the ambiguity. Hanging’s too good for them.


Yeah you go get that point back.




A decent quizmaster would allow both answers and move swiftly on without any disruption to the quiz. To double down on this sort of thing, when both could be interpreted as the right answer, ruins the enjoyment of things for everyone.

(Still bitter that I missed out on a point for answering that Johnny Cash had been in prison, despite one of his most famous albums being “At Folsom Prison”, because despite being recorded there he wasn’t actually incarcerated)


Seems like a fun, lighthearted quiz!


Working on just laptop, due to aforementioned cricket. Forgot the trackerpad is broken, such a pain.