Friyay Thread


Congratulations, you’ve made it through the week. Just today to tick off and then two whole days of pure leisure time (excluding those of us who have to work weekends).

Do you have any plans?
What does today have in store?

I’ve been awake since 3.30. Dropped the TV off at school so she can jet off on an all expenses paid school trip to the big apple, now killing time before I can leave for work. Will be there until around 4 I reckon.

Working tomorrow until 12ish then my local brewery are having an open day with 19 different beers, so will head over there after work. Going to check out a new micropub that’s opened in town afterwards.



I think I’ve cracked a really annoying bug but obviously it will need to be reviewed by the dev team who, while in India and therefore ostensibly online now, will need to be instructed by the UK and also adjust their hours to be closer to the UK anyway.

I have had too many Mint Slice biscuits, which are basically mint Viscount biscuits but not individually wrapped.


The TV’s coming to visit today so I’m meeting him after work and we’ll probably go for fondue


Morning team,
Just up and about to head to this AR/VR trade show thing in Munich, should be pretty interesting.
Although a supreme amount of tech chat which can get a bit wearisome after a while :grimacing::grinning:


Heading down to the New Forest after work with my bike. Meant to be going to the Isle of Wight tomorrow for cycling but the wind looks deathly. So I have no idea what we’ll do instead. Back to London on Sunday.


Off to the ol Brecon Beacons


Sleep, housework, catching up on work.
It’s going to be a good one.


I got a new tv (actual tv) so im going to watch that later


Not much sleep because the babe is unwell and kept waking. Probably going to be sleepwalking through the day :sleeping:


Work, then a nerdy card game tournament in a bookshop tonight.

Tomorrow morning I’m driving to Tring (where?) to play in a nerdy card game tournament for a different game.

Sunday I’m doing prep for a nerdy card game tournament on Monday for yet another different game.

Pretty, pretty wild.


Morning folks. Report writing for me today. Was working through my team’s notes for it yesterday and some of them are practically unusable which isn’t entirely helpful, but it’s Friday so I’ll get through it, I’m sure.

Tomorrow we’re going to the postal museum to ride in the mail rail train thing (because using a normal size underground train just isn’t exciting enough). I think that’s pretty much it in terms of plans. Wonder what we’ll do?


Nothing much.


I really don’t want to go to work



In all seriousness: I’m doing more decorating. Managed to complete my eldest’s bedroom yesterday; now onto my youngest’s. When I went to B&Q this morning, the cashier actually asked me if I was in the trade. I blame you lot for perpetuating this myth.


Gardened the hell out of my garden for the past four days. Took time off work but my back and abs certainly don’t feel like they’ve been on holiday. Still: lovely fences! (Do panoramic shots work on dis?)

Oh fuck they do! For comparison before we started it looked like this:


Looking forward to it blowing down over the weekend :laughing: :wink:


:smiley: which is why we dug 3ft holes for the posts


Morning all!

Meeting up with my two best friends from my home town for the weekend, which I’m super excited about.

Important process at work is currently failing to run. No one who is able to fix it will be online until San Francisco wakes up. FFS.


Skype the engineer responsible with line by line lyrics of “wake up boo” in capitals but then end with SEND HELP? Hth