Friyay Thread

Morning everyone. :sleeping:

Up early this morning to be in clerkenwell for physio on my thumb (?!) at half 8. So breakfast has been a misery bacon sandwich from Sainsbury’s. Still, I’m here early.

Not much else to report for now, but I do need to chase up insurance to find out what happening with my car. :fearful:

Morning all, I’m wfh today purely so I can 100% enjoy the quiz later. Mostly hockeying this weekend.


I’m in Edinburgh for the weekend and I’m meant to be working from home today, except I left my security login token thing in my locker in the office in London. So I can access my personal files on my laptop, but not my email, our IM service, our shared drives…

Might just take the day as leave.

Finished my last of 4 night shifts earlier. 4 days off now :slight_smile:

Gonna have a few hours sleep and then we’re driving down to Newmarket this evening to visit Mrs Fox’s sister for the weekend. Not entirely sure what we’re doing when we’re there, but whatevs.

Going out for a curry tonight… just need to power through some work bollocks until I’m tasting that sweet, sweet spice.

Rest of the weekend: status unknown.

Happy Friday one and all.

That is made for rounders innit. I mean you’ll put a few balls through a few neighbour’s windows but you’ll’ve had your fun, and that’s all that matters.


Getting up this morning was as difficult as its been all year. Lost count of the number of times I pressed the snooze button.

Anyway, managed to haul my rear into the office - got a report to finish and some year end performance reviews to, well, review ahead of meetings with direct reports early next week.

Tonight, looking after the kids, and then I have them with me all weekend.

Going to see if they fancy an autumn trip to Worthing tomorrow, maybe take them out for lunch on Sunday.

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Morning all! Pretty giddy in the Underscore Iron household today cos we’re heading to Sicily in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Really cannot wait to get away for 8 days to be honest. This is the holiday my father-in-law booked shortly after my ma-in-law passed away so it’ll have it’s tough times as well but I’ll be raising many a glass to her.

One of the great things about moving was digging through all my old clothes and unearthing some gems so I’m in my Rose Blake Talking Heads t-shirt today:

Some caveats for the taking of this photo: 1) I had to put it on a timer otherwise I couldn’t fit the t-shirt in and b) apologies about my face but I genuinely thought someone was coming through the door.


ah shit, i haven’t entered the quiz. somehow missed the sign up announcement

back in work after holidays so today is both my monday and friday. so many emails. oh god.

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I :heart: you

I’m also going to steal that tshirt off you.

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:grinning: honestly so made up when I found it, thought it had been lost to the laundry trolls moons ago.

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Dont get too attached to it, soon it will be be mine.

Oh yes, it will be mine. *maniacal laugh*

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I’m here
Dunno why

Physio done. Apparently I have to hurt my thumb to make it better. Urgh.

Bad accident just north of Blackfriars bridge, so been stuck in traffic for the last twenty minutes. Hope it wasn’t fatal - looks seriously nasty.

This made me smile with it’s apparent profoundness

Because you’re the fucking business, that’s why. Never question this again or I’ll hunt you down and erm… probably buy you a pint.

Pm’d you the questions so you can play along at home

I’ve got to build a custom A/B testing thing today. Can’t really B A.

Buffalo wings tonight. Making bread and chicken casserole tomorrow. Going husky sledding at dawn in Thetford Forest on sunday.

That’s not a bad weekend.

I feel poop :frowning:


:hugs: what’s up Bam?

EDIT: I don’t suppose you’ve seen the hedgehog in the croissant?