FriYAY thread


WFH because of the tube strike. Hbu?

Going to Brighton to see a play tomorrow and it’s going to involve rain and a rail replacement bus. The dream.


WFH because I spent the night with the devil

or should i say a free bar at brewdog


:beers: After work :+1:
Get paid and should get my travel expenses back today :+1:
Sneezing loads??? :mask:



First early start of the year. Pray4prof.


Nice muddy dog walk. Sneezing loads too. Going to have some f&f (fruit n fibre) before a man arrives to install some flooring.


Monday morning for me :scream: Ate far too many Lidl stollen bites last night washed down with a few Perlenbachers and now feeling like there’s a brick in my stomach. Might just hide in the stock room all day.


New starter at my place (been here 3 weeks or so) cried off sick yesterday, “food poisoning”. Saw he spent most of the day posting stories on his instagram of him riding round the new forest with some mates.

Might be fun today.


Oh and my landlord is selling my house.


Friday though innit :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers:


A water main burst on the motorway so I’m currently trying to decide if I cba wading through the traffic nightmare or not.

Nothing else to report.


Hope you’ve got wellies!


I’ll put my feet up on the steering wheel, it’ll be fine.


Yeah no, there’s traffic tailbacks all the way back to my house.


Bleurgh. Fridays currently serve as a reminder that I have too much work to do in any given week.


Earned a badge that makes me feel like I need to get a feckin life.


Likewise. I’ve got today off so was up until 2 last night working on stuff. Now feel shattered.

Fun times with daughter this morning. DIY this afternoon, then on the piss tonight :beer:


Can we get an update on this later on?


Walking to work through the mist, bouncing along to William Onyeabor and everything is alright now.


You live in such an idyllic place! Was peering at the mist this morning wishing i could see it over a field like this rather than shrouding some high rise flats


Erik, as their boss seen it?