FriYAY thread

Thank you


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Yeah there are a fair few round here too. Good thing about it being deepest Devon is that nobody can understand anything they’re saying anyway.

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the security guard will catch you one of these days


Had two packets of watermelon candy kittens for breakfast and now my tongue is sore

morning troops.

it’s a lovely sunny day in glasgow.


bf is away on Sunday for the night and I keep being like “so what time you leaving?” so i can kick him out and have the bed to myself and have a nice bath and go to yoga and make a delicious dinner I don’t have to share :laughing:

I got that black body scrub from lush the other week and its SO GOOD but bloody hell it covered my entire bathroom with black splatters

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WFH. The boiler man is here servicing it. I heard he needs to look at the radiators in a bit so he’s going to have a shock cause I’m still in bed.

I thought i’d escaped the cold but looks like I’m getting it.

Was puking now I’m not. Wife is now mind, so meh.

Thanksgiving this weekend, so slap uk meal on Sunday and a visit to a museum at some point too.

Didt get paid as I was expecting to though, which might rook me. Bastards.

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Celebrating Christmas next weekend?

Oh dear.

Stupid Canadians!

Haha!! YES!! I am totally with you on this normally, it’s just he’s away a lot at the moment and I’m feeling a bit anxious about some stuff sooo would really like a night in with him or a girlfriend! But Im also excited for my night in with my bloody bath bomb and sushi which I’m not sure he’d be totally down with :laughing: haha!!! His loss!!

I wanted to buy all the glittery things when I was last in!! They had this wee pumpkin glitter thing but I was put off because I’m always a bit worried it’ll go EVERYWHERE. They had some hilariously deformed Christmas double bath bomb santas in!! They are odd and amazing.

That’s some nice arting there xylo. Which one did you get?

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Very nice!

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I am hiding in my bed and if I have it my way I will be leaving all day.

Could totally imagine this as a William Onyebor song. Eight minutes of that phrase over and over.


:+1: Got the new Fucked Up album on
:+1: Off to Ilkley Literature Festival tomorrow to hear a talk on the history of English pronunciation and one by Jack Monroe and Ruby Tandoh
:-1: Been told that the bulk of tonight’s work is coming in some time after 8.30pm

Good news. Beer festival confusion has been cleared up and is 100% back on. Phew!

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