Christmas jumper day, but I’ll save it for Friday selfies. Whole school Christmas day…more frenzied than ever.

Staff work do later, full on Friday.

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Maths and English til the end! Trying to keep it normal until next week when tbf I’ve planned PE and art for most of the three days


Morning Slicky and Gonad. Early start today but got some catching up to do.
I saw A Matter of Life and Death last night for the first time in ages. It was much weirder than I remembered. David Niven and Roger Livesey were such a good duo.

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Bit tired because I kept waking myself up by farting. Think it was the second portion of Christmas pudding that did it.

Excited because I’m doing a Star War this evening. Might also have ordered two (2) more Star Wars games in the excitement. Merry Christmas to me!


Bad nights sleep

… isnt it

Days until Christmas?


Makes me think that some gumbo somewhere has probably created an advent calendar made up of album covers / musical references.

We’re still doing literacy next week!! Then arty stuff and films in the afternoon. Got Christmas Story books to finish…:roll_eyes:

Morning slicky, morning all. Quiz this afternoon, posting my ss present. Thanking god it’s Friday.

Not getting out of bed for at least half an hour.

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Gonna get the train today, might listen to Live On Two Legs

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You’re right. That’s what I get from looking at last night’s Twitter this morning. Still, good meme innit

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Eating porridge. Just gave the boy his warm up birthday gifts - rest are all coming later on at his mum’s (they are all interconnected so need the be given at the same time).

Eldest was out clubbing last night and rolled in at 3:30. I was sleeping with half an ear out I guess so I’m pretty knackered today. Seem to have a sore throat. So bored of getting ill now

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Some poor kid somewhere is opening an advent calendar to be confronted by a jeff ament action figure



Didn’t get to sleep until after midnight, that wasn’t ideal.
Woke up at 4:30am, that also was not ideal.

Off to get the bus to the airport! London awaits!

Morning all

Work Christmas meal today. Could be amazing, could be utter shite. A lot of it depends on where I end up sitting. If I stay out then I’ll look forward to the spectacle of bejumpered idiots fighting outside the Regal, and then the merry hell of the Friday night train home :smiley:

Today is my Tuesday I suppose. Not expecting it to be a good day, or even a fun day.

I feel your working hours pain… I’ve got 12-hour shifts today and tomorrow, although I’ve mitigated the pain of Saturday’s early-hours finish with a ticket to the 3.15am Last Jedi screening at the Imax. I’m hoping the ticket prices will keep any late-night twattery to a minimum.

Oh and I got my hair cut this morning. Of the three people I heard speaking whilst I was in there, two were having a racist moan.

Oh, just remembered this from yesterday’s abortion rights committee meeting in Ireland. An anti-choice senator has been whinging all through the committee and yesterday got absolutely put down by the chair.