From Love to Loathe

Arcade Fire and Weezer are definitely the best answers for me. It’s at the point where if people praise them I instantly get angry.

This one might have a lot more to do with tastes changing so I’m not sure if it counts, but I used to love Incubus and now I absolutely loathe them and cringe at the idea of ever having liked them. I think I had just bought A Crow Left of the Murder (leave the crow wordplay to Adam Duritz, he did it much more effectively in one of the best songs ever written) and that ending of Agoraphobia where he goes “for good, for good, fuck off, for good” struck me as so intentionally try-hard artsy / deep that it singlehandedly lifted the veil and I saw them for what they were. Read those lyrics on the Make Yourself album - it’s like a bunch of 20 somethings found the diary of a 12 year old and set it to music.

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slightly different reason but, Brand New seems like the obvious one


If you don’t like their post calculating infinity output then fair enough but the last lp is just as good if not better than them

Counting Crows.

Think she’s still an interesting artist but the new St Vincent is doing nothing for me

Frightened Rabbit

I forget, what was the jumping off point for you? I think they were operating at an all time great level all the way through Hard Candy. The double album, while having a couple incredible moments (“Cowboys” in particular), showed they were losing it and then I really disliked the direction they went for their 2014 album.

I loved the first 2 albums. The next 2 were OK but not bothered with them since then really. Also one of the most disappointing bands I’ve seen live.

Really? When did you stop liking them?

Didn’t mind winter of mixed drinks. Last 2 have been rubbish and have seemed like they’ve been phoning it in live for a few years now too

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Yeah, I’m not a big fan of his style live either. The stop-start / story-telling style vocals are a bit much, especially since they’re replacing the perfect melodies on the albums. They drive me nuts on the live versions of “Round Here” in particular, though I do like the alternate lyrics at the very end.

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Scott Hutchison has a new band with Editors and Minor Victories members. Hoping that will be good.


Morrissey for me. Smiths stuff and lots of his early solo is great, but now everything he makes is utter toss and he’s a complete shit and I wish he’d fuck off.




their new band Mastersystem is genuinely good fun

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it is!


Liking that. Album should be good going by that.

Yeah still reckon he could do something good but FR have gone completely stale. Will check this out at some point

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album’s out at the end of this week, it’s not reinventing the wheel but it’s a damn sight better (and as I say, more fun) than recent FR


Stereophonics. Liked the first album. Saw them live, was the second most boring gig I’ve been to not bothered with them since.

Muse too. Although they were good live.