From the people that brought you "Potato Ricer". It's the mincer thread!

Anyone here mincing their own meat? Considering making a move into this game, as I like making burgers, but trying to move away from supermarket mince. The correct answer may be to just get better mince from the butcher, but thought I’d investigate the mincer option. Anyone got one? Manual or electric? Worth getting one with a sausage making attachment? Homemade sausages could be a game changer. Or not. Totally out of my depth here.



Thank you for your honest contribution to the thread.

what goes into the mincer? steaks? or animal guts and stuff?

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Had a mincer in the household when I was growing up.

It was fucking horrible.

That’s all I’ve got.



I’ve got a mini one that I use for garlic


I believe you cut steaks etc into chunks, and then feed them into the mincer. Upside being that your mince should all be better quality and not animal guts/bones.

I just use my Nutribullet™

but isn’t that the point of mince and sausages? To use up the shit bits you wouldn’t want to eat whole but are fine/ tasty minced up into a mush

I’d probably get a butcher to do it for me but I’m not a regular eater of minced things. We used one at work and told them exactly what we wanted put in including herbs and ratios and stuff cause it was easier than doing it ourselves.

For the cheap ones, yes. But will they be still be cheap once the upcoming red/processed meat tax comes in? Red Meat Tax

Those of us who bought mincers then started making our homemade turkey burgers in 2018 will be one step ahead of the game.

I have a mincer, manual, think it is from Johnny Lewis.

Used it a lot in France where you can’t easily get stuff like pork or turkey mince, don’t bother with it mich anymore, just ask the butcher to mince me something if they don’t have it already done.

Bit of an arse to clean.

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Thank you for this contribution.

And thanks to everyone who participated in this thread. It is now closed. Join us again in the future, to find out which little used kitchen utensil will be next under the boothyfearssatan spotlight

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