Front doors, talk to me about front doors (front door thread)

Got a house and it needs a new front door.

Currently a wooden one in a wooden frame, but I think composite is the way to go, right?

If I get a composite one, will I need a new frame too?

Where’s a good place to get one?

FRONT DOOR anecdotes, advice and general chat welcome.

@plasticniki is our expert on front doors


We’ve been trying to get the front door replaced on our (rented) house for over a year now, because it’s rotting. We have not yet been successful.

That’s all I’ve got.

I’m more interested in @compositeniki tbh

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Just kick it off and demand a replacement.


The lettings agents are so unresponsive that I’d likely die of exposure before they fixed it.

Every house I’ve ever lived in has had a front door

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Alright, Lord Snooty!

Some of them had windows too

Stick a cardigan on, you’ll be fine.

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We got an Ultimate Rock Door installed by Right Doors based in Essex (you can probably find a local supplier).

We had fucking loads of awful salespeople come to our flat to try and sell us stuff. The dude from Right Doors was great.

Here’s our door:

They did everything, got rid of the old one and measured and fit the new one. Yes, you’ll need a new frame. Ours cost about £1300 or something?

What entrances do you have to your home (doors only, NO ENTERING THROUGH WINDOWS)?

  • Front door
  • Side door
  • Back door
  • Some kind of patio door/French door thing? (this option should override side/back if they are the same)
  • Other (please specify)

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image :metal:


Nice door, Niki!

Thanks for the helpful response, masosmasm, shyguy and epimer could learn a lot from you.

Told you!

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If I were you I’d find someone who supplies and fits Rock Doors in your area and ask them to come round. They’ll go through everything with you and advise what extras you need (like a low threshold or whatever) and then you can have an argument with your partner about what colour you want and what handle you’d like. We picked the most expensive type of Rock Door but there are cheaper ones which are “less” secure.

I think from the bloke coming round to him fitting it was about a month? Maybe less?

Hello. I put together a little document outlining the different options when my parents and my brother were replacing their doors and windows. I sent it to @plasticniki as well.

I can send it to you as well if you want.

Yep, it was dead helpful n all