Uh oh



Superb news.


@rich-t ?


Cheats should always be outed


Should have used the Milhouse excuse


Agreed, but it would be EVEN BETTER if they didn’t cheat in the first place.


Of course I agree with you. I thought he would escape just like Wiggins before him


Possibility this is FAKE NEWS propagated by adam peaty to rig SPOTY?


Yeah i know. Guess i was still kinda hoping he might be clean. Hopelessly naive.


Feels like the Beeb are downplaying it with that headline, I just assumed it was Froome running his mouth about someone else who’d failed a test and didn’t even click in to read it


Yessir. Interesting to see what happens with patchy previous sanctions.

At least UCI haven’t sat on it for 3 months eh…


<3 Alyssa Milano


All of want to add really is…


of course nothing will come of this


What sound do you hear when a doped up cyclist goes past you?


(may need work)

(may work better when spoken and not read)


Fuck. Really sad at this. If a genuine attempt to cheat = terribly sad; if incompetence in poor instruction by the doctor = terribly sad.

Whichever way… his legacy is likely down the toilet, he should lose the Vuelta and be banned for x months.


Froome, Froome, Froome, yeah Froome Froome Froome


It’s a loophole in the code to be able salbutamol, which is a known PED. Unfortunately, he’s 2 X the limit allowed by WADA. This is not an accident


Frooooome, you chase the day away.

No wonder on all those drugs mate


A real shame. Cycling is following athletics.

Lance Armstrong = Ben Johnson

…so a lot more to come.