Fruit complaints

Had a run of really pilthy and pippy clementines and satsumas recently. Was just on the phone for 22 minutes and spent the majority of that time picking at pith and still didn’t get it all.

Had a chalky apple the other day as well.

They’ve done something to bananas too, seem to have the same optimum eating window as avocados now. Blink and you’ll miss it.

How’s your fruit?

I basically buy fruit and eat it all straight away because I have the same dietary habits of an unfussy cat.

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You’re thinking of bats




Had a really weird apple earlier. Tasted slightly alcoholic like it had fermented or something.

Also had some dodgy pears and bananas lately which have turned to mush in my bag on the walk to work

Fruit in this country is so below p[e]ar.

Pears never ripe, or rotten. All orange type fruits too pithy at all times. Peaches never juicy. Melons always bland.



like a broken record with this, but fruit and veg honestly tastes better in Spain.

obviously its because most of it is grown there, but still. coming back to to the UK was a bit like eating those tomacos in the Simpsons.


are you just scanning episodes of seinfeld for thread ideas now?

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and not just a little bit better, a different league ‘i can’t believe this is real’ better.

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mate why don’t you just move to spain if you love it so much


I like fruit but I have a bad habit of buying it and just not eating it for some reason

Sometimes I buy tinned fruit instead cos I gobble that up as soon as I get in the door.

Don’t know what’s wrong with me

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here comes hoogy to tell us that most tomatoes in Europe are grown in Holland.


First thing I do on holiday is go looking for peaches and melons.

Hard to believe they’re even eaten in the UK given how shit they are. I want the juice all over my chin at all times*

*please don’t, DiS


they’re only for markets that can’t grow their own obviously/

Bought a bag of 8 Crown Gold apples yesterday. One down, 7 to go. Half the bag is out in the fruitbowl, the rest stays in the fridge, to prevent all fruits to be at their optimum all at the same time.

No complaints (so far).

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Open your eyes! Big pith is coming for us all!!

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watermelons in other countries are like an entirely different fruit to the shite we get here

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OMG…tinned mandarins. Get in my belly.

Fucking love those sweet (and probably not even classed as fruit as so sugary) babes.

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i’d like to edit this because crisps are the first thing I actually go looking for, and are the main reason for any foreign holiday, but then fruit after that.

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had a pear that tasted like sand the other day