Fruit N Fibre


That’s a workout and a half for your jaws eating a bowl of that stuff.


As an old person, I’m quite partial to a bowl of Fruit n’ Fibre.


Me too. It’s great.
It give you strong jaws and a regular sphincter.


get rid of the dried banana



My Huel requires no chewing. I’m training for being old.


Yeah, but then the song wouldn’t work


Very true


i used to love this stuff, it must be full of sugar


Yeah, it’s probably just as bad as Frosties or any of the others. Are there any relatively healthy cereals? (Porridge doesn’t count).


He’s got his @stumbley


I eat it a fair bit, but if i’m honest i prefer a bit of Sultana Bran. Never ceases to amaze me just how many sultanas are left near the end. One of the great joys of life when you realise your sultana:flake(?) ratio is about 1:1.