Fruit Pastilles / Fruit Gums / Wine Gums thread

All these threads about chocolate bars, but a chocolate bar is no good in the summer. It’ll melt all over your fingers.

What are you having?

  • Fruit Pastilles
  • Fruit Gums
  • Wine Gums
  • Surely Skittles are part of the cannon now? I chew-s them
  • Other (please specify)

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We’ve discussed, at some length, how shit Fruit Gums are in the past. Hopefully everybody bears that in mind whilst voting.

(Skittles being in this poll is chaos)

For some sick reason i really enjoy the grazed mouth feeling fruit pastels give me when in theory it should be the worst


I mean I chose Wine Gums but there’s lots of sweets I’d choose before Wine Gums. Squashies for one.

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Or millions

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Who doesn’t love a bit of anarchy?

Fruit pastels have gone to shit since they’ve gone vegan.


childrens tv characters and numbers AREN’T sweets

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Have you ever tried to keep a fruit pastille in your mouth without chewing it? It’s impossible.

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Sensible centrists

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Randoms are better than all these

Sports Mix



How slowly are you eating your chocolate bars?

We’re better when the black one was liquorice

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Whatever one isn’t filled with hoofy goodness

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Rowntrees and Maynards are both complete arseholes IMO.

vegan percy pigs?

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Fruit pastilles but no reds or purples thanks. Someone else can have them.

Agree. I had them for the first time in ages last weekend and they were rubbish.

Also fridges are made for chocolate bars