Fruit Pastilles / Fruit Gums / Wine Gums thread

oooh! could right go some Jelly Tots round about now.



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They were mama ducks fav sweetie. Not seen em in years … though i must admit ive not looked

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Fruit Gums are easily the best

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Rowntrees pastilles and fruit gums are both now vegan friendly!


Wait, what!?

Cant believe the debate still rages on

Had some of the above recently, very moreish.

Went with Wine Gums, just edging fruit pastilles.

The old skool Fruit Gums that would virtually pull your teeth out would win though.

RIP Tooty Frooties

I’ve been craving but successfully resisting sweets all week, but think this thread is going to tip me over the edge!

Used bloody love jelly tots but they’ve made them crap now

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The vegan colin gums (fizzy and not fizzy) are stupendous


Veganism is great for a lot of reasons but awful for jelly based sweets

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And yet some like candy kittens and marksies get it very right


Remind me to try these some time

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Candy Kittens Eton Mess are so tasty! I cant help but pick some up everytime im in Sainsburys (theyre always by the self scan checkouts).

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I have had the fruit pastilles a few times now since they went vegan (I’ve been on the veggie/vegan spectrum for years so avoided them for the longest time) and yeah though they are good they’re not the same.

Anyone remember American hard gums? They were the perfect middle ground between fruit pastilles and the old school fruit gums that would rip your fillings out