Fruit that would be better if the fruit in question had the texture of a different fruit

You know, like if raspberries had the texture of strawberries.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a raspberry, but they’re a bit lightweight. Strawberries are fleshy but have quite a subtle taste. I want that fleshy texture in my mouth with that punchy raspberry taste please!

What would it be like if oranges had the texture of apples? Heaven forbid!

Imagine if blueberries had the texture of a banana? Now we’re talking!

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crunchy apple bananas

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Watermelon texture is wasted on something as bland as watermelon. Imagine if watermelons were orange flavoured. What a world that would be.

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I don’t like he texture of most fruit tbh

Quite like the taste of kiwi fruit, but the furriness is all wrong. Give me a non furry option (like Big Fruit have done with peaches / nectarines)

Apples that crunch and taste like bananas or bananas that crunch that taste like apples?

If bananas had any other texture

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I would eat nearly all fruits if they had the texture of Haribo. I think “the texture” is my main objection to eating fruits.

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It should all be like grapes.

Fine, I will allow community users to talk about fruits that would be better if the fruit in question had the texture of a different food.


Crunchy bananas

Have you ever tried a frozen grape?

Oxtail soup would be better if it had the texture of Cream of Chicken soup

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I have. Good, aren’t they?

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Yeah, blew my mind. Like having grape gelato or something. I was buying grapes exclusively to put in the freezer a few months ago.

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This would be great

Star mix now has added fruit

Yeah, I tried some and it’s not as good as normal Starmix but also better than fruit