Fruits you’ve never tried

Inspired by @NeilYoung.

Don’t think I’ve had durian fruit


I’ve had lychee flavoured things but have I ever had a real lychee? Not sure

Ah lychees are great!


Not tried durian, worried as I heard it stinks. Haven’t eaten a cloudberry before but I would like to. I tried a new fruit last year and was happy to - pineberries. They were very expensive and bland


Haven’t tried candyfloss grapes either! I see them in morrisons and always say “next time” but next time never comes. Don’t like green grapes much tbh, I like red grapes

I’m afraid this fruit doesn’t exist.

Kiwi (never had but think I would like)
Jackfruit (I’m afraid this only exists in England, never tried)
Lychee (never had, think I would like)
Pomelo (friend told me about this recently and had no idea it existed, would try)

Most of the exotic ones. Im a simple person i put banas in my porridge and rhats about it for fruit perfer vegetables

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Feel there’s a lot of exotic fruits from other countries I would like to get my hands on.

Pineberries are great! Small strawberry type that tastes like pineapple, how can you go wrong! Getting some of these soon haven’t had in forever.

I also haven’t had a banana in probably 20 years. Never liked the taste/texture, but maybe bananas are back. I’m still skeptical.

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I also remember boysenberries being very delectable when I had them on Cape Cod one year. Have rarely seen them since. Would like to rediscover.

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I would love to just retire and grow fruits.

We had a blueberry bush and I was so happy with it, until the dog ate the whole thing in one sitting and wasn’t happy anymore.


Rarely have pineapple as it makes my tummy funny

think i’ve had a bunch of things in weird sours which I’ve never had as a physical fruit - does that count?

tayberry, chuckleberry, dragon fruit, maybe cloudberry too

most common fruit I’ve never tried is probably a peach

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