Frustrating Interactions With Companies



So trivial, so Spar.

Tell me about your frustrations getting simple things done with large organisations.


Should be bear in mind




And you’re coming back to the UK?!

I don’t think we’ve signed that off.


I just wanted them to know there was a slight chance I’d pop round to one of their houses and egg their door.

Also, spelling and grammatical mistakes all intentional and for effect. Yeah.


sounds like it was written to be posted on social media


Yeah, it was. Email and phone calls aren’t working, so I rewrote it in that condescending tone so I could share it publically and then tweet them with it.

Gotta get up pretty early in the morning to pull one past detective @japes


“We’re sorry that you’ve had to wait on hold”

No you are not


i’m getting so angry


mate i’m not gonna read that


oh no


Enjoyed that. Especially emailing it to ‘equipment returns’ - you just know it’ll be forwarded and spread around the company from within


it’s quite entertaining tbf


If I worked at Virgin I’d delete that on sight.