Frustrating Tasks

Cleaning the gunk out of iPhone speaker holes. Should be really satisfying. Is absolutely anything but.

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Being an adult


Hoovering the stairs. The hoover is heavy, makes a lot of unpleasant noise, you have to change the attachments to get everywhere done. Can’t be arsed with it.

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See also: parenting

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Changing guitar strings when you’ve been a bit too clever and cut slightly too much off it and it’s definitely still possible to get it on there but you better believe it’s going to pop off multiple times before you’re done

Dusting’s great! Like doing kitchen surfaces, there’s immediate gratification.

want to come round mine for some immediate grat… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: wait…


I’ve always put the full guitar string on first (bending it slightly away from the bridge / headstock to present scratching) and then cut afterwards. Have I been doing it wrong?


No eps is just a masochist

Cleaning the inside of the drawer on the washing machine. Messy, awkward, and almost impossible to achieve

I put them through first then cut ~2 pegs up from where it’s going, but sometimes I get overly ambitious with it and cause this 100% avoidable problem.

And if you’re not lucky, the cord won’t reach all the way so you’ve got to change plug sockets half way through

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Doing anything in the kitchen when someone else starts doing an unrelated task at the same time.


Cleaning the sieve. Always the sieve.

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I’m trying to get Dr Mrs Epimer to recognise that she has a thought pattern of hearing a tap running and thinking “what chores can I do now that also involve a running tap”.

e.g. I’ll fill the kettle to do some rice for dinner and she’ll then start watering the 47 plants in the kitchen

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(related: the sound of a running shower will cause her shortly after to go for a wee and wash her hands, to the great detriment of the poor shower user)

she’s battering you on the score boards :laughing:

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