Fry-day Thread

My day started at 3am: just too hot to sleep in my flat.
Been lounging around on the sofa since watching whatever tv was actually on. Just need to get through today then off to Center Parcs for a whole week on Monday.
What you got, Dis?

Morning NV. Stayed at my in-laws last night with a fan positioned directly on me as I slept. Just about bearable. Off to the climbing wall now before work.

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Sweet sweet release of a thunderstorm at about 3am. Still rolling thunder now- decided not to cycle in today.

My bedroom is far too warm and I have a hangover. Might just get up and go to work, leave early later…

No sign of any storms here, just blue skies forever and ever


Lovely stuff


No thunder or rain here, it’s still way too hot.

I need to drop my car off for its service and MOT. Then I’ve got a 2 mile walk to work. So expect heavy rain around 8:30.

Today is my Tuesday. Meh.

Morning people who’ve posted so far, SCREW YOU everyone else.

I don’t mean to cause alarm or nothin’ but after yesterday’s motherfucking shorts experiment, today I have gone one step further.

motherfucking flippy floppies

:raised_hands: :motherfuckingflippyfloppies:

Apologies if this is too much for you to handle so early in the morning





Today I am getting a haircut then driving to Carlisle. Standard.

Are these sequential or simultaneous events?

Morning team. Monday for me today which means a shitload of booze deliveries. But it’s meant to rain all day thank fuck, I am far too fat and hairy for this summer bullshit.

Haven’t decided yet. Imagine getting a service station haircut.

You are the inspiration for this thread

It’s meant to be raining. There’s no rain. Fucking twats.

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You are the inspiration for my life :heart:

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Oh wow, day maker


Tonight: tidy flat. Washing

Tomorrow: sleep. Starting a 400km bike ride at ~6pm. Have 27 hours to complete.

Sunday: well we probably won’t finish the bike ride until at least 6pm so.

Pissing down in Devon, at fucking last, and we do tend to get most things way ahead of the London curve.