Fry-day Thread

U fucking WOT


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Running late for work as I climbed a wall with jnr on my back to go and rescue/observe a baby bird that looked like it as being eaten by a magpie. Couldn’t really do anything, and now the bastatd circle of life will haunt me all day.

Anxiety pretty bad lately and wondering if at this late stage I can defer the last bit of my MA. Hope so.


Got a load of packing and bike maintenance to do, then I’m off Plymouth way for bike racing. Looks like a storm might be ruining the good vibes on Saturday, but hopefully it will hold off until we are done racing and have had some beers

I won’t lie I am shitting myself

That won’t make it any easier


Whereabouts? Storm is meant to be this morning, rain all day and clearing up a bit tomorrow afternoon.

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Newnham park

The shooting place? Should be a bit rainy by tomorrow but the storm will have gone I think.

Guy serving my coffee at my coffee place was sooooo drrrruunnkkk. Haha.

Got in early to crack on with work…

Been sat watching my surface pro install windows 10 for about half an hour.

Up to give MrS a lift to work, he critiqued my driving all the way so much so that I am going to start calling him Hyacinth.

Got to do a lot of holiday admin today…kids haircuts, buy travel size cosmetics, pick up some last minute orders of shorts.

Asked yesterday but let’s try again, you can use your own headphones on flights nowadays yeah?

@NoahVale centerparcs in the school holidays? You’re a brave and rich man :smiley:

Oh and glorious blue skies here, think rain is coming in overnight so going to be topping up the tan later and all.

Well, if it works for Tom Dumoulin…


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A few people have made that comment however… you’d be surprised how much it cost! I had a choice of CP or going abroad and finding somewhere with activities sufficient to keep a 12/13yo happy for 7-10 days works out a lot (like a lot) more in e.g. Spain. We did that last year. I reckon, even with all the activities and food I will be about a grand better off this year

Accidentally got very drunk after work yesterday. Going camping this eve for more of the same

LEAFY @laelfy LOOK

A brand new cookie shop is coming to Cambridge - Cambridgeshire Live

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Wedding in Mayo. Ireland today. It’s a delicious 16 degrees and I had to sleep with a t shirt on. Forgotten such comforts.

Belmullet is lovely - went for a walk half cut last night and there wasn’t a soul around.


Mornin troops,

Busy wee morn ahead and off to look at potential new premises this afternoon.
Drinks with folk from work thereafter.

Think the tv has been in the shower for about 30mins now, christ, I need to brush my teeth and get the hell out of here…cos I’m running late.

Going bee (statue) hunting in Manchester

:honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:

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