Fry, because it’s a heatwave geddit!

How’s your day panning out? It’s a quiet one for me, but there’s talk of going to the beach after work

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Going to do no work until my only call of the day at 2 this afternoon and also after that

Had a dream where Sylvester Stallone challenged me to a game of chess so I went to get my set but all the pieces were broken

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On bus to office. Stinks on here! Got a bbq after work as a thanks for volunteering for some kids sport thing for 8 weeks and the dude is like “please bring your own drinks” which I was going to anyway, but it’s supposed to be a thank you and I absolutely didn’t want to go but rude not to! Also need to bring veggie stuff for my wife. I’m paying for a bbq!
The moral of the story is never do anything nice for anyone


Been asked to change “the icon” for a website before the final invoice gets raised. Literally no idea what he’s referring to. The icon ffs.

Ps: it’s not the favicon.


Still off work as I’m still ill with covid, but need to work on a presentation for next week. Bored out of my mind tho.

Gonna go for a walk down to the bakery in a bit as need to step up my walking a little as I’m starting to feel achey

Gotta try and smash through a workshop at record speed so I can get to Manchester at 5 to get twatted.


Morning, got two meetings, going to try cancel one which should help. Feel like i have the rona but tested negative yesterday so who knows!?

Really need to buy some wd40 as it feels like every door is squeaking at the moment. Really noticeable as the back door is open more so the draft really gets them squeaking.

I need a shower.

Have fun x

Going to haphazardly rush through some work this morning in an entirely professional manner; before going out in my kayak (on a river, not just in the street).

He’s done you there


Morning all!

It’s raining in Glasgow.

We’re leaving for a weekend in Wales this morning. There are currently hot weather warnings in place. That should be nice.

There’s a really weird sound coming from outside, like someone’s throwing stones at the house but not quite like that. Couldn’t figure out what was happening.

Squirrel in a walnut tree dropping the shells onto a corrugated steel shed roof


Morning everyone

This week has been too busy so we’ve cancelled tonight’s plans to get some rest before a busy weekend.

Frustratingly I’ve got meetings booked in over lunchtime today but I’m hoping to be able to finish a little bit early later on.

Really dreading the heat next week, not actually sure how we’re going to function in what looks like almost 40 degree temperatures :smiling_face_with_tear:


Just hoping beyond hope that it doesn’t rain where I am on this, of all Swithin’s Days.

my company are doing an mid-year update day thing so it just means I’m not going to have a desk to work at when I arrive at 9 on the dot

WFH’ing from home the day, quieter day with just 6 (six) meetings. Record this week has been 14.

Youngest is off to his first cub camp this weekend, so he’s giddy as a kipper.

Got a half day as it’s our company Summer party this arvo

Downside is it’s in London, but free booze, shuffleboard and not working sound like a very lovely combo indeed

Need to reign in the drunkeness though as the bubs is doggedly sticking to a 5am wake up time atm and I’m solo parenting tomorrow…

Going to go to ma pals to watch england vs ni later.

One of my housemates saw me for the first time since i got covid and was shocked at how much weight i lost. Its just dawned on me jow much weight ive lost whoch is good in the sense i was trying to lost weight but bad because i clearly wasnt eating properly… no wonder i ended up so coking ill

It’s raining starting to not believe this forecast of a heatwave. Also slightly cold (I’m wearing trousers).