Fry day

Frying anything today? No, me neither.

I’m home alone today. The rest of the household are off and won’t be back until tomorrow, so I’ll get a bit of peace and quiet, after jimbo’s been going a bit feral over half term.

I need to pick up the dry cleaning LP at lunchtime, and at some point a milk bottle holder thing too, but other than that my diary is free


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Putting on Tallies in Nottingham later. Wanted to get a gym session in between work and that but my knee is still hurting so I won’t.

Weekend to myself as the missus is off to Whitby goth festival


Morning. It’s sausage, mash and onion gravy for tea, so I’ll be frying tonight, yes.

Working before that, might go for a pint this evening. That’s it, really.

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will be frying some paneer later… :smiley:
but first, work :disappointed:


Got some pancakes in the frying pan, so those I suppose.

Meant to be zoo-ing today. The dehumidifier is also meant to be arriving as well. What a day.


Morning all :wave:

No frying today, I don’t think. But I do have a day off.


  • go for a walk, probably to Roydon Common
  • go to Pizza Hut for lunch at the cheeksters’ request
  • hopefully very little in the afternoon
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My parents are arriving after work to mind A while we go out to see GoGo Penguin tonight. Not 100% my thing but I’ll take any opportunity to go to a gig at the moment.

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Hoping for a chill but reasonably productive day at work

No plans later, prob gonna stay in and take it easy as I’m out tomorrow night

Good morning, possibly will fry some thinly diced carrots, celery and onion for a soup base, have decided to eat soup daily, soup season has officially started in my life. Have been feeling shit all week but suddenly better, have been going through my to do list and will go somewhere nice today, just for a change of scenery, idk where yet


morning, hope youse are all well.

rough and stressful time with mortgage shite to be decided, my company under paying me (again), and work being an absolutely fucking hellish nightmare.

got my lgbtq+ group later which is always a highlight


Maybe frying something for tea but unsure at this stage.

Only thing I’ve got planned for the day is going to get my Covid booster later this morning.

Today’s my Friday, because it’s Friday, and that’s how days work.



Got to take dog for check at the vet, hopefully he will be released from his vest based prison. We call it his supersuit so he doesn’t feel too sad about it :star_struck:

Then hanging about


London Mood GIF by Sugababes


In the early part of relationship tiredness, had about 3 hours sleep, got a leaving do tonight, got loads of work to do, was late starting as i was late leaving hers this morning.
Too old for this, need food, i stink. Morning

Omg i am so hot. People are in coats though so is it just me? Does sertraline make you hot? :melting_face: :hot_face:

Anyway, I’m going to take my insanely hot core to Essex today to see some sculptures. So far so good as a guy just moved to sit next to me as he said he’s never seen his dog try to sit with anyone else before and now I’ve got a sausage dog pal. What a start! :star_struck:


Friday :partying_face: Today I am getting my hair done :haircut_woman: and then my mum is en route to stay for a couple of nights to do Halloweeny stuff :ghost: There will be pizza and I expect we will eat all the snacks bought for trick or treaters before the weekend is through :pizza: :candy: I also need to find a pumpkin big enough to stuff my baby into :jack_o_lantern:


No fry Friday here.

Quiet one ahead, waiting for a delivery and the DPD tracker is now Halloween themed. Will pop to M&S later to pick up a clothes order and then hopefully be able to spend the afternoon doing work admin and listening to the new releases.

What sculptures they got in Essex and when are you popping by ours for a tea and a custard cream?

Hard relate . It is exhausting when a relationship gets a bit serious and you are suddenly trying to live between 2 places

It did used to make me a bit sweaty - although mainly night sweats .