Frydai Thread!


Hangover-free this morning. Got to work to find the bike sheds have been changed to some vertical rack system. Load of bullshit mate, I hate change.

Not got much on this weekend, back to the in-laws as per. There will be wine.

You? What’re you doing?


It’s literally the weekend already :sunglasses:


You antipodean rascal!


mornin team,

beautiful crisp autumn morn in glasgow.
I had a dream last night that included numerous Dissers, nothing sexy though.

Think i might go to the GFT tonight to see gimme danger. Tomorrow night wolf people at sleazys.


Going into work late. #YOLO

Off to the man utd game at silly o’clock tomorrow (well, half past silly) so no drinking or owt tonight


Go on, just one


morning all. woke up at 4 - boo! went back to bed at 7 - yay! slept til 8 - so what

got some dull life admin to do today. might get a haircut, might not

hopefully gonna go chat to some women tonight, in a non threatening manner, obviously. got my mojo back - wooooohooo!


have a nice day


Ol’ ma Twinkletoes is staying with us for three nights. Then ol’ pa Twinkletoes is staying on Sunday night. When am I going to have time for climbing and video games???


get you haircut and send us before and after photos!


Off to Devon later. Apart from a bullshit meeting on Tuesday lunchtime, I’m off work for a week. Woo yay etc.


no pictures of me will ever be found on the world wide web man


There is an old well dressed homeless man that everyone has been taking turns bringing a breakfast cob to every morning near our work, today was my turn but he wasnt there. I came into work and turns out his family found him a few days ago and that he had bumped his head and wasnt actually homeless but had just got amnesia. Apparently he is actually a CEO of a large multinational company and his family thought he was just going around the world on his yacht again. His family have paid for all of us who were so kind to him to go 1st class to New York on Saturday as a little treat to say thanks!


oh go on then


packing for my trip, might get a haircut and a beard trim today


Do you have to give thanks and all that shit before you eat over there ezzer?


be grateful you even have somewhere to store yr bike at work mate

film festival stuff tonight
might cycle to tunbridge wells and back tomorrow
sunday looks very grim weather-wise so it’ll be maybe a cinema double-bill for the old plastics


don’t think so, reckon i could recite this fairly well if asked though


Are you telling me to check my cycling privilege?!

What’re you seeing at the cinema pn?


[kind of, I am jelz tho, my poor shit bike just gets locked up on London Wall]

Nocturnal Animals and Arrival?


Tonight: friend’s birthday cocktails
Weekend: recording an album which will be the best thing*

Very busy. I’m stressing