Goodness gracious and golly gosh.

Awoke early after a night of anxiety, heart rate was flipping out big time. Gotted up so I could leave early and to get to Birmingham for a 10am meeting.

However, there is a line side fire at Harrow meaning there are no trains running. At the moment I am sat in Upper Crust at Watford Junction considering my options and beginning work.

This evening I am going to a screening of my favourite war film, Battle of Britain, at the bombed out Garrison Church in Woolwich and a walk around the area before hand by a local historian. Really looking forward to that.

What about you folks?


Got planning and prep day today so that’s fun.

Going to Bath’s premier vegetarian restaurant Acorn for dinner later, so looking forward to that. Plus kids are at my mum’s so no too early wake ups to fighting about whose turn it is on the PlayStation …

Got some new tights on, they are so thick they are almost trouser like…so cosy!!

Morning pals.

Got to do some final prep for flying out to The Hague on Sunday for a hearing on Monday where I am going to get the absolute shit kicked out of me. It’ll be… character building.

Tomorrow I might go play a Star Wars card game for a few hours if I’ve got the time/fancy it, because I need to balance out all the adulting I’ll be doing for work.

Haha eric’s slow.

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Hullo heman, slickster, epimer. I’m awake early too but i’m not really sure why. My work got cancelled today as well so may as well have slept in but whayagonnado. Gotta sort some stuff out today, list some things for sale on gumtree and do some tidying.

Might get up and make coffee I guess :coffee:

Also it’s the Netrunner national championships this weekend, which are usually good fun and a chance to catch up with penoid pals from around the world, so obviously I’m absolutely thrilled to be missing that to go get a pasting for work.

Have to work tomorrow so I can’t drink too much at the gig I’m going to tonight. Boo-urns.

I tell you what, lads - that bowl of cereal didn’t hit the spot like a fried breakfast treat would have.

Today is Higher English and planning day so I’ll hopefully be on my way home by 4.00.

Some kind of veggie risotto is on the cards for later and I’ve got leftover buffalo cauliflower and rice for lunch.

My weekend will be spent visiting more members of my wife’s family in Edinburgh while I try not to keep looking at my watch.

I’d like to be the kind of person who finds out about stuff like this but it always seems to lad me by. How do you hear about these things?

Quite enjoyed that clip of Judi Dench rapping with Lethal Bizzle.

Morning guys. Pretty tired. 10-6 today then maybe home for 7. Had a shitty day yesterday and relented and had a couple of tins of beer, but wishing I didn’t bother now.

TV’s birthday tomorrow and Wiggle sent me an email last night saying they can’t fulfill an order of placed Tuesday. Pretty irked about that. Might take her out for sushi tomorrow night and a couple of nice drinks.

Me too :grinning:

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I’m blue dabba dee

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Mornin troops,
En route to the airport for a flight to Amsterdam, gonna be in a trade show all day but will be out innit tonight :+1:

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Going to the Isle of Wight later. Need to get a new bike helmet at lunch cos I came off my bike yesterday and it’s fucked. Feel well achey.

Gonna have some tea and cereal now.

Purely by chance really - I know said local historian and he tipped me off. It’s part of a local free film festival in South London that he was asked to curate at - had it not been for him, it would have completely passed me by!

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Oh, and an update for any travel fans here, currently fighting my way to Marylebone to get myself to Birmingham. Long ol’ morning ahead.

And there is a guy on the train whose upper arm is bigger than my head…and my head has an abnormally large circumference!

The very same!

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