Frying Aubergine 🍆

They call them eggplant here the try hard hippie bastards that Aussies are.

Anyway, am I the only one whose aubergine just soaks up the oil? I love a really nice and soft cooked aubergine from frying but a recipe like Nigel Slater’s cassoulet one says 2 tablespoons of olive oil and it takes me more like 8 to be able to fry the stuff correctly. Otherwise it’s burning up on my Le Creuset.

Aubergine is possibly the very worst food in my opinion. Thanks for your time.

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Yeah, you need loads of oil, innit. Way more than you’d expect

You are usually so correct and have taken a massive plummet off a cliff here I’m afraid



I did this last Friday night and it was lush.

These were deep fried and the aubergine just went really crisp with a lovely gooey middle.


My word

Are you salting your aubergine for a bit before?

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I was taught to ‘froil’ them on a cookery class I did. Put them in a nice big pan with your oil and about 100ml of water, stick a lid on, and leave it. The aubergine soaks up the steam first and then fries off with the oil afterwards.



Dunno. Lebanese food’s great, imho, especially if you’re not really into overly spicy stuff. Quite a few of the better dishes have eggplant in.

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I usually grill it with a little bit of oil. Do you have grills in Australia?

I prefer to roast cubed aubergine over frying - still need plenty of oil but maybe not quite as much

Or cut into thin strips and cooked on a griddle pan works too

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I’m all for the griddle panned aub.

They don’t work in the upside down places. The food just falls off and sticks to the roof of the oven.


Bloody love Lebanese food, the texture of aubergine is extremely bad though in my opinion. I’m not a mush guy (cooked apples are the only thing I dislike more tbh)

I griddled some courgette for a pasta bake thing the other day - was lovely

GORGEttes more like


Aubergine is good and nice