Frying Aubergine 🍆

Wife-o’s mauritian mate does really good aubergine fritters. Do you want me to ask her for the recipe theodore?

sounds like a '60s psych rock band.


No and you’ve reminded me that I did wonder about this.

Back in the 90s I was told this had been to remove a bitterness that was now bred out so it was unnecessary.

Also I don’t like salty food and wouldn’t want it too salty?

Why not mate, thanks.

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I’ll see what I can do boss.

Edit: I’ve failed you I’m afraid m9


It doesn’t make it salty but it draws out all the water so they’ll go crispier with less oil (I think???)

You just put them in a colinder with loads of rock salt and leave it for like 5 mins or so and then they’re all watery and you just dry them with paper towels. It helps if you’re doing a curry or something and they’ll absorb flavours a lot more.

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Also, tell her I think “Mauritius” is probably in my top 3 countries to pronounce the name of. It just sounds so warm and comforting doesn’t it?

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Ooh, okay cheers. I’ll try that next time.

Same kind of thing when you fry up mushrooms. You’ve got to salt those puppies early on.

Those French and their beautiful language eh. No can do on the recipe pal, see photo above.

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Is this a general food thread now?

Is anyone good or has a recipe for polenta? I’ve had it a couple of times recently where its cut into squares and all crispy and nice and oooh i want some

Classic Pauline!

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Aye had polenta fries with my shakshuka the other day. They’re deliciously greasy. Need to find a recipe.

Might try this next time i want to fry them, sounds like a good tip

I love aubergine. Deep fried aubergine slices are the best but I’m scared of deep frying so have never made them myself. I like barbecueing them (sliced and dipped in oil)

i need a lie down


irked a bit by pauline keeping her recipe secret tbh (unless she’s a professional chef, in which case fair enough)

Add the oil a bit at a time.

After you’ve salted those puppies obvs

I was scared of deep frying too! But I got a really thick proper heavy wok and I just do like a few cms of rapeseed oil when I’m deep frying my tofu. No dramas so far but i’m still quite petrified.