Fryups from greasy spoons

Like practically identical wherever you go. I think they all use the same supplier and cook everything exactly the same as each other. Got one delivered this morning and it was indistinguishable from any of the others. Same bacon, same eggs, same sausages. More genericised than the humble Chinese takeaway.

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There’s definitely greasy spoon places that do better or worse versions of the classic CB. The margin is relatively small, granted, but I just can’t agree with your take here.

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Yum, barely warm fry up pls


Delivery fry up is fine as long as they stick strictly to the portioned polystyrene container and don’t stick things in together.


Person I’m seeing got toast and eggs delivered once. Fucking mad.

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Greasy spoon sausages are the best, with the weird almost burnt ends.


Always piping hot.

In fact I don’t think I’ve EVER had a takeaway from anywhere that wasn’t. Always find it bizarre when people make a point in reviews about the food being hot, when is it ever not??


Usually it’s beans or tomatoes in their own little pot, everything else in large square shaped container


When we used to be able to get them it was beans/mushrooms/bacon & sausage/egg/hash brown and fried bread in a separate box.

I DEMAND an explanation for this

Didn’t know this was a thing, never even considered it existing before now

I used to live a few doors down from a greasy spoon, but could never make good use of it because it was only open until midday or something, and I never actually want to eat a cooked breakfast at breakfast time

In answer to the op - I went to a famous touristy greasy spoon in Pimlico in lovely London last time I was there

The fry up was very good. Beans bacon eggs and all Thad all spot on, but fairly standard taste-wise

Two things stood out - the sausage was amazing, but the best thing on the plate was the toast?! I’ve never had such perfect toast, it was incredible.

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I think I’ve been there and I remember the breakfast being good. Also an old dude behind the counter got in an argument with a load of brickies who were trying to violate his “no claiming a table until you’ve got your food” policy.

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Yeah that’ll be the place

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Cafe serves fry up
Cafe on Just Eat = fry up delivered


There’s none of them near me

Don’t really have any local proper greasy spoons now I think of it, just hotel and pub breakfasts

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Slightly o/t, but I refer to upmarket restaurants as ‘clean forks’