FTftMB: Racks, Stands, Etc

Welcome to the first ever Furniture Thread for the Music Board. For a while I’ve been thinking about spending some money on some kind of shelves or rack for my stereo. Mostly so I don’t have to remember to walk very carefully while there’s a record on.

No idea where to start but I’ve already seen that spending thousands of pounds is an option and I’m captivated by the idea of hanging my record player from the ceiling or something.

Any recommendations? Or it’s all the same bullshit as putting crystals in the back of your amp?

Just to get things going, here’s where we’ll be starting from.

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“Call for Price”


One of my lockdown #1 projects was building a little table for my record player

(I feel it is important that everyone knows that the records in the picture are just the current rotation stack, and that there are plenty more out of shot)

It’s not my dream set up, but I’m happy with it until the premium bonds come up and I win £25 move to a massive house with a dedicated music wing.


This is a well timed thread just got a 5x5 Kallax with the deal of getting rid of the 2x4 that eveything sits on. So I need an 80cm wide unit with a shelf underneath for the amp.

Any suggestions would be massively appreciated.

I’d love to help but I’ve no idea.

Gentle bump to see if anyone who works during the week has any ideas.

In the nook in the dining room so atm it’s sharing space with condiments, dreamies, cookbooks and booze (negotiations are ongoing as the record collection expands)

Got the unit from wayfair, mainly because of how perfect a fit it is