FTftSB 4th July 1990

What were you doing / how old were you the last time England reached a World Cup semi final?

don’t know


I was 5. no recollection of it, but have a vague recollection of the 3rd place playoff.

probably shitting my nappy

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Fuck me - you’re all so bloody young :grin:

Nice try narc


This ^

I was just over six months old, so doing all of the typical baby things no doubt.

Helping my parents friends move house and eating takeaway pizza (my first ever takeaway I think)

1 so I thankfully don’t remember it

I was 13, the opening ceremony and Argentina v Cameroon was on my 13th Birthday. Yes I’m old.

I was two, and wouldn’t give a shit about the World Cup for another eight years.

FO,M: I was 22

  1. Remember watching it


what’s the first World Cup or Euros you remember watching?

have no memory of 94, some vague memories of Euro 96 but more the extraneous elements like Baddiel & Skinner, and the little holographic plastic things you got in boxes of cereal, rather than the actual matches. France 98 is the first i have clear memories of watching (aged 9)

1974 WC (W Germany 2-1 v Holland)
1976 Euro (Panenka penalty in the Final shoot out)

Euro 96 I was on a school coach trip to Germany, we crowded round someone ‘s Walkman and listened to the penalties, cheering each one.

I was two and a half and I have no memory of it (Which is annoying as it was Italia '90 and I’d kill to remember that summer in Ireland.)


Mexico 1986 and being allowed to stay up ridiculously late

90 for me although I remember nothing other than the pizza and penalties. Was in Corfu for 94 and remember hearing the cheer at the end of the final (it was about two in the morning)

90s my first memory. Remember being in a chalet at Camber Sands for Mexico 86 and staying up late with my dad and my dad losing it over Maradona. But I had no interest in football then.