FTftSB 4th July 1990

bit young to be seeing Shellac, weren’t you?


Minus 1 and a half.
Euro 96 is my earliest memory.
Pulled a Mooney at Colchester MP Bob Russell after Michael Owen scored against Argentina in 98

(note: i’m well aware Shellac formed in 92)

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as mentioned above I have very vague recollections of 1990, nothing for Euro 92 but USA 1994 was my first real world cup, remember watching loads of it (bedtime permitting), was supporting Italy and liked Baggio so :sob:

You did have 2002 though

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A couple of months off off the big 3

Great tournament. It was the last of those when commentators were calling in on telephones and Jimmy Hill was shouting ‘goooooaaaaaaaal’ off-mic

2002 was a lorra fun. i remember going down town after school after the Ireland - Germany match and people going mental outside the pub


And 1994! Such vivid memories of that year. My Da was football mad and I remember watching all the group games and filling out my Ladybird World Cup 1994 book. Houghton’s goal against Italy was the best thing my seven year old self had ever seen.


1 year old, not a clue. First tournament I remember was Euro 1996, watched every available game (Bulgaria v Romania stands out for some reason). Devastated when that prick missed the penalty in the semi-final, hope he emigrated and never came back.

That was special tbf


Italia ‘90 was 7 years old. My dad woke me up everyday of the tourney blasting nessun dorma :cry:


Classic M_w_t’s Dad

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And this was before the days of the World Wide Web so he went out of his way to buy the CD :smile:


Was 4 so unno, so was probably sleeping.

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In 1990, I was on a week’s residential badminton training at Lilleshall Hall which (for the uninitiated) is where the England Youth Development Squad were based and where top footballers went for injury treatment and rehab. Consequently, I watched the semi in the bar at Lilleshall with a crowd that included this guy:


(He was pulling for W Germany…)

I also think that this guy was there too…


I remember being allowed to stay up for the penalties at Italia 90. I was eight.

I was doing my GCSEs in 96. I remember the Gascoigne dentist chair and miss against Germany and following loads of the afternoon games with park football.

Being that age and going out to play footie after a big match, pretending you were the match-winner :heart_eyes:

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We’d have been about 18 months younger than Michael Owen at that point too…

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