Fuck BBC News

[gareth keenan voice] she’s thrown a gumboot over a pub mate what have you ever done


Poor example. Robert Peston’s stuff is all ITV now :slight_smile:

Well, yes. They have anti-Corbyn guests way more than from the other way around. By far.

But my point is that they treat someone’s biased statement as fact here. No questioning of it at all. A Lib Dem or Tory says whatever pops into their head because it might undermine Corbyn and the BBC laps it up and presents it to us as though it’s relevant to anything at all.

Oh, yeah. I forgot that he’s moved. Ignore me.

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I’d be up for a fuck ITV thread

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Well this is one of the more elegant doings we’ve had on this here website


I don’t that’s what Peston’s done here, tbh.

He’s presented what someone has said and attributed it to them in his tweet, simple as that. Nothing’s been presented as ‘fact’ - it’s been clearly presented and framed as someone’s opinion on anti-semitism within the Labour Party.

Whether that opinion is biased or not is a different argument entirely.

Aaron banks invited onto Marr to dispute the criminal proceedings launched against him



I’ve never heard or seen Arron Banks speak but in my mind his entire head separates and flaps around like a Canadian on South Park. Not sure why I’ve chosen to share this but here we are.



I don’t even know where to start with this.

Quite enjoying the “look, just fuck off!” statements they feel compelled to make whenever they give airtime to their fash chums nowadays

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:joy: how many of these are they putting out lately, there’s one every other day ffs


18 month old baby?


I’ve got a 17 month old, and to be fair, he’s always acting like a fucking baby…

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You’ll be surprised by the maturing from 17-18 month. Essentially baby to fully formed adult.

Abandon reply. :wink:

More clickbait shite.

Jesus christ that is pathetic.

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