Fuck BBC News

Don’t think anyone has said this at all have they?

My own point was that it feels like watching people speak an entirely different language to me, as the whole show is completely alien to any of my education whatsoever.

I mean yeah it was said, but it’s not worth trawling back over either, i was just in a tired place earlier. it’s no biggie.

It’s such an old fashioned Radio 4 style intro that has somehow survived on TV for all these years. A strange anomaly.

Never had you down as a fan of Benefits Street ahahahahasorry

I find Only Connect insufferable to watch, and I’m usually quite good at it. OTOH it’s quite pure in its geekishness, so maybe it’s a Me problem.

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I said ahahahahasorry

Think my brain is just too melted to not make that kind of wilful misunderstanding joke, even/especially when it doesn’t work as a joke.

If we’re having a general “here’s what’s wrong with University Challenge” love in, here’s one:

When there’s a maths question, it often requires the contestants to do some maths, algebra or something. But the literature questions are always just trivia, name the author, etc etc. They should have literature questions where the contestants have to do literature analysis.


Or write a sonnet


If you like. Maybe not every week.

The colleges thing is nakedly ridiculous as there are other collegiate universities like Lancaster which aren’t split up. Speaking as a punter I think the representation of mature students is probably better on University Challenge than it was at my actual university when I was an undergraduate haha. The combined age thing is silly though. I also really like how the questions are written so they generally get easier as they’re read out

Tempting people into the risky early interruption is great stuff isn’t it? Last night’s episode was a classic example. Durham were way ahead but then they had a run of interruptions where they got the wrong answer and then completely lost their nerve and ended up being overtaken in the last minute.

This is unfortunate timing since iirc the only “maths” question yesterday was about the golden ratio which one contestant interrupted to try to remember, then inexplicably one from the other team also interrupted before Paxman informed them they had to turn it into a date and then say something that happened that year.

Genuinely can’t remember any maths questions, let alone ones involving calculation, but that’s probably my memory.

Even worse, it was always shit and then they replaced it with an even shitter and more prissy version.

I quite like Richard Osman’s house of games as a guilty pleasure, but that said I’m absolutely steaming that they only let semi famous people on it, the elitist bastards.

When I used to watch all the maths questions, particularly if they seemed mega complicated were either 1 or 0


Yeah The OC is better than all quizzes


The paintings were always Titian as well

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“Name this French composer” is always Ravel.


For 10 points: “Who are you?”

OC - Ryan

“Whoever you want me to be”


Any question starting with ‘which mathematician…’ is usually Euler.

British composer either Britten, Vaughan Williams or Elgar so you’ve got a one in three chance there.