Fuck Fireworks

Fucking gash shite for idiots who also like X Factor, Brexit, eating plain Doritos, and the sound of Marks and Spencer clothing rails being squeaked.


Proper displays - great
People letting them off in massively residential areas - not great


100% this


My cat is having an absolutely terrible night

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what’s wrong with fireworks?

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Too full of themselves. Flashy gits


They terrify the dog, and my children, for something that any reasonable person can imagine using their brain.


maybe I’m just going deaf, there’s some going off over the road right now and I can’t really hear them

Ha, yeah that’s a problem I have. I can tell as Frank hates them

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feel bad for Frank :frowning:

(and your kids)

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Happy Diwali white people!


Kids have started setting them off in the daytime in the centre of Leeds recently, really annoying

that sounds dangerous

Yeah that’s why I am annoyed. Not really pissed off I guess.

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Berlin was well bad for this at New Year’s a few years ago.

People hanging put of windows setting them off too.

Just seen that a blind woman and her dog were hit the other day, pretty sure more have been hurt

Having a terrible time with them, the noise has been constant since seven and feel like I am going to have a sensory meltdown, even with headphones on.

Also pissed at my brother because when I pointed out that the noise could be hell for autistic people with sound hypersensitivity, and that quieter fireworks could make it easier on people, he dismissed that saying the bang was all part of it and that you can’t do things just to please a small amount of people. Argh fuck off, it isn’t about “pleasing” it is about making people who might already be marginalised from public places not have to feel overwhelmed and afraid in their own homes. FUCK OFF.


Love them, personally.

(Sorry hope this isn’t insensitive to anyone who struggles with them; sure there could be better alternatives).

Hate them tbh.

Princess is v scared :cry:

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This lad is mint though;