Fuck off Friday thread

I’ve got a meeting at 8. Fuck off.

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Normally up and doing stuff at this time of a Friday (I know, I know) but daughter seems a bit poorly so was up in the night with her. As such I am treating myself to a lie in but I’ve been awake for a bit so probably should get up shouldn’t I.

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Don’t get up! Enjoy the lounge

Off to work, get through the day and then home for takeaway and sweet sweet sleep


Morning all!

I’ve got to drive to a different campus this morning which will take longer and I’m there until 4.00 so I’m going to be out for ages.

Not happy about that.

Doing a site visit at one of my favourite places today. Hoping for some good birding action. Working the weekend, so keeping a close eye of the shitty weather.

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Oh for fuck’s sake, I’ve just found out that an event I already agreed to go to starts at 7 in the morning.


Dentist this morning to part with £400 :nauseated_face:

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I’ve got a meeting (Foodbank AGM) at 6pm on a Friday. FO,F

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On the plus side, I’ve been listening to a 90s playlist* that I made, and this absolute treasure came on:

* I limited myself almost exclusively to songs that featured in the top 100 best-selling UK singles of each year


A two day week then a 3 day week then the 12 days of for Christmas after today. I can do it

Xmas party for el station the neet, you can be sure that I’m not going!

So tired, busy assed week and still struggling after time overseas. Just want a quiet night and a nap.

About to walk the dog, given it rained solidly all day yesterday you can bet it’ll be a little soggy underfoot.

Have a brilliant Friday everyone.

xmas do the neet.

CBA * 100000000000000

In bed

honestly keep it that way. it’s shite out.

Need food.

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Was meant to have the rest of my fillings done this morning but its had to be be rescheduled to December 27 which is an incredibly un-dentisty day IMO?!

Link please

They’re taking the piss with this packaging