Fuck Off Friday Thread

Fucking hell.


feeling great man. got a load on the line, popping over to a mates in a bit for coffee, little bit of work later, lady guest thing coming round tonight


I’ve been up and down all week but today can really get fucked.

Leonard Cohen :frowning2:

But tbh, today shouldn’t be too bad. I have quite a productive day yesterday and so I’m not approaching Friday with my usual “I’ve done nothing all week and had better get my shit together” fear.

We have the rest of that Sexy Butter Chicken for dinner tonight. Might make another batch of parathas or naans or something to go with it.

Got the office to myself so listening to Boards of Canada and thinking about getting the first cup of tea of the day.

Tell us more, Birdman of Plymouth!

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Super sick but I’m going to work. Mainly cause I need to take back some clothes in central London

I’m wearing a new dress that makes me look v fat today but I kind of like it

Tonight- pizza n chilling
Tomorrow - bf isn’t playing :golf: so we’re gonna go cinema and then food and then IKEA how exciting
Sunday - nothing!

I’d like to express my wholehearted support for any and all “fuck off” sentiments expressed in this thread.

Do one, life.


Went for a long and decent run last night then pub. Feel hungry and a bit hungover. Run then England game and maybe a takeaway tonight. Run then manchester for okkervil river tomorrow.

Off to Majorca soon. The forecast is for rain. Great stuff ffs.

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Poor you !!


Loads of work to do. Shiiiiiiit. Today is going to be a fucking whirlwind.

What a week. Found out yesterday that my mother-in-law isn’t to receive any more radiotherapy. Trump the day before and Len today, 2016 is properly the worst year I’ve been alive.

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Half day at work, then off home to Oirland for the weekend, can’t friggin wait!

Also, I just discovered that Greggs do a bacon roll and a coffee for two quid, this is a revelation.

morning team,

why won’t the remnants of this cold just fuck off!
tv is away for the weekend so i’ve got an empty! :slight_smile:
One of the girls from works last day today which is pure shit as she’s a fucking diamond, anyway, taking her out for some lunch and then drinks after work with the troops.
Depending on how that goes maybe meeting pervo and selected other in sleazys later.
Not sure what to do the rest of the weekend, maybe just get nicley sparkled and fuck about the place.

have fun cycling on your bike PN! lots of strava and relive.cc and photos pls

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Gonna try and finish a bit of music today. Probably needs slop guitar. Gonna get high on coffee first. Good feeling for the weekend, going out with a big load of dogs on Saturday then jazz film and jazz gig on Sunday.

Now that’s a thread title I can get behind.

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Seeing kristin hersh play semi locally tonight

all this bad news is kindof galvanising me to take a few more risks with ‘stuff’ - like Fuck It! - which i think will be a good thing

going for a run at lunch - which will be good

got soem shit work to do before that!

Busy weekend. Drinks with visiting friends tonight then off up to Brum tomorrow. Haven’t been out-out in Birmingham since about 2002 and that was a gig. Gonna listen to Leonard Cohen today and try to find myself a chip butty at some point (inspired by the You know what I haven’t had in a while? thread).