Fuck off, Tuesday


Jesus Christ. Does anyone want to do my job today? You just have to look busy at a computer and if anyone asks your professional opinion on anything you say “Hmm, it depends.”

What’s up?

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Protest then prep for a couple of interviews then going to see Hamilton lmao

My phone interview yesterday really put me off one of the jobs. It was basically a warning that I might not enjoy it.


Working. Two days off after this though thank fuck. Got loads to do too and my awful colleague is back from her days off. Just got to make it to 5.30pm and all will be well.



Got that thing where it’s been a slightly longer weekend so now I’ve lost all memory of what I actually do

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We get Thursday and Tuesday off for Easter where I work so basically “I’m alright, Jacques”.

Had a shit work dream though so clearly I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.

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All the parents are going to be chuffed that i have responsibility for their children again :unamused:


Mildly hungover. Nurse appointment at 9 for a smear test and then dentist at 11. Hate past Kermit she’s an idiot. Idiot.



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That’s a hell of a combo for a Tuesday morning Kerms, good luck :hugs:


Why is the hug emoji now a snooker referee?


In that London. Having coffee with an old friend in a minute. Then going down Marble Arch to soak up a bit more protest. Then train home and then Game of thrones.


I turn 25 in less than 2 months and I’m still having dumb af nightmares


Got to do pt2 of complaining to gas companies in a sec. Was never sent a final bill from the old supplier, and the new supplier have now cancelled my account. Yay. Have my best mate and her 18mth old visiting today. Looking forward to that


It’s been a struggle. Due to the grandparents doing their final session of babysitting we hung out with our mates after Kurt Vile too long and both got 4 hours’ sleep.

Now it’s biting and it’s up in the air as to whether we’ll be able to stay awake long enough to watch GoT S8 Ep2 tonight.

Ah well. What the fuck are we going to eat for dinner, though?

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Because @whiterussian changed all the emoji to Apple?

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Sean changed them to the FB messenger ones last night.

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Oh god. Can we just have them back to the nice neat Twitter default ones, FFS?


May i suggest fish fingers chips and beans?

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Is that what they were before? I couldn’t remember. There’s a thread about it.