Fuck off, Tuesday

Is there? I believe the default set is ‘Twitter’ yes from Googling around.

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I think we were planning to have mash but I believe tonight we are having Anna Jones’s ‘Magic pasta’ which is very quick and easy. (Have just been reminded by checking the fridge and finding both cherry tomatoes and kale.)

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Fine suit yourself


Okay I’ve replied.

Staring at the ‘Restarting’ screen for 5 minutes, my only aim today was to be showing as online before my manager.

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Eps your job sounds incredibly similar to mine but would be up for the swap.

I’m back at my desk and somebody has left a piece of paper with 2 post-it notes on it, what a lovely easter gift, thank you kind stranger :upside_down_face:

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Best summery bassline


Operating on 4 hours sleep today due to tinnitus. Starting a new project as well and no one has told me anything about it. So yeah, fuck offfffffff Tuesday

Turns out the meter we’ve been paying gas on for the past 36 months isn’t on the national database, so this is going to be fun

Dreading getting to work. Colleague smalltalk arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Looking at the absolute worst case scenario - I think they can only legally charge you for the past 12 months (had a similar thing in my old flat with the leccy). But you’ve been paying it man so I’m sure they’ll let you off. Useless bastards.

British Gas guy read the wrong meter outside our old flat so I had a 4k gas bill land on my doormat about 2 weeks before I got married. Good job I didn’t have a direct debit set up eh.

Feel weird and sick

that’s under the back billing code and normally only applies when the supplier hasn’t sent a bill to the customer, if @rich-t has been paying/receiving bills in that time it won’t apply

they’ll normally take meter readings either weekly or monthly over the next few months and then bill him on a slightly more accurate estimate for the consumption from last 3 years, that said it’s still worth complaining to them in the hope that they reduce it for the inconvenience

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That’ll be the cider.

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Had a shitty interrupted night of sleep, still exhaused ffs

in today and tomorrow then off for another 4 days, might just not come back when i’m supposed to next monday

Ah nice one man, that makes a lot of sense. Hoping they sort something out, especially if he’s been paying for the past 36 months.

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Fuck off is absolutely right.
Horrible night, took hours to get to sleep due to coughy then snorey husband and Winnie constantly jumping on my head/taking up my entire pillow/changing position/licking my hand and making me fear for my life.
My back really aches :cry: I need a new mattress and some sort of stretching regime.

Got a load of equipment to sort out and ship to an event so no taking it easy for me today.
Going to plan a nice dinner to get me through.
Hope everyone else survives the day. We can do it :muscle: