Fuck Off Wycombe: October Football Thread

He was comfortably our best player yesterday.

Looks like the list is longer,. Hope I’m on it to be honest.


True greats :sunglasses:

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Whoever it is that keeps deciding to put Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa on tv is sick in the head


No idea how anyone could think it’s more interesting than Leeds-arsenal or united-man u

Oh well, you’ve got a street named in your honour!

Better manager

  • Lampard
  • Gerrard

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What will midweek bring?


Assume Trippier retired from internationals? Or was this post just an elaborate way of restating that you don’t rate James Maddison? :wink:

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I pretty much never strayed out of the yellow when I lived in London

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Have to make sure to stay as far away from this lot as possible when I go to Eindhoven in a couple of weeks

I feel like Lampard is on an (incredibly slow) upward trajectory while Gerrard is getting worse.

They really love batteries huh

Same, same

Feel like Gerrard will have a Souness-esque managerial careerz while Lampard’s will be more like Ruud Gullit or something idk

Looks a bit thingy, this…

Don’t really think nearly relegating Everton and then getting them to the current lofty position of 14th comes close to Gerrard’s achievements at Rangers tbh.

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Thought martial was supposed to be back today. Weak ass bench we’ve got.

Lampard’s a decent manager who people pretend is rubbish because he’s a bit of a dick in real life

Gerrard is a bad manager who is also a dick in real life