Fuck Off Wycombe: October Football Thread

Think I’m managing to maintain my levels of disgust at the slavery and wotnot, which I’m honestly surprised about. That said, I’ll probably cave in and join Team Worm on the first Saturday to watch Japan Vs Ecuador or whatever.

I might watch every qatar game just so i can boo them

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Hrlsea were appare tly trying to get pur head of recruitment last week. Why dont you just buy brighton you asset stripping twats

On the plus side brightons sister club/feeder club topped their europa league group so iguess we got kore world beaters coming

Which one’s him?

This is the World Cup where everyone will hold their nose, watch it, and never speak of it again. And that includes FIFA.


I think they World Cup threads are great. Much like the Euro’s more people on the board get involved and hopefully Bam will do his little pixel pre match things again.


I can’t remember much about the last one tbh. I doubt I could name the quarter finalists.



Ooh, nice. Hadn’t thought of that

Incredible that it starts in three weeks and there is zero build up and excitement.


Normally would know all 8 groups off the top of my head now. Don’t think I could confidently name half the teams playing this time


If it was four years ago I’d be incredibly excited that I could watch games while WFH. I didn’t even realise I could do that until now. I just don’t care and I hate saying that about my favourite thing, the World Cup.

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Someone start a new thread probably titled The Worm Cup or someat.


Putin’s brave juiced boys lost to Croatia in the QF the evening of the England Sweden QF. Can’t remember who France’s QF was against at all. Just cheated and looked it up, remember it being a stinker of a game.

Euros are better than World Cups.

Glad we’re all agreed.

Obviously everything about it is terrible, but can’t deny I’m very excited purely for the football. Particularly Messi’s last shot at it.


Still can’t quite believe the WC is happening. Premier League finishes weekend of 12/13th then <10 days later we’re playing Iran at lunchtime Monday 21st. Think it’s going to be very strange, plenty of potential for upsets as all the teams have minimal time to prepare


Agreed. Think it’s probably about as good a chance as any tournament where you’ll see a winner outside of the obvious contenders, think the heat, lack of prep and general strangeness of it will be a bit of an equaliser. Even if one of the bigger teams wins it, could see it being a 2002 style tournament where a lot of big names go out early.