Fuck the BBC News

This absolute howler

just served as a prompt that it’s time we got back to cataloguing various frequently occurring examples of BBC bullshit.


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Big fan o’ the ol’ British Broadcasting Company.


Nick Robinson calling out Corbyn for tweeting about ‘anything else’ but Brexit.

The tweet he quotes is about genocide, which seems kind of important. And Labour had actually tweeted about Brexit 2 hours before Nick’s shit tweet.

Then the incompetent cunt tried to cover it up by saying “since I tweeted, Jeremy Corbyn has now tweeted about Brexit”. Like twitter isn’t time-stamped or anything.

I love a lot of things about the BBC, but it’s journalism is bollocks these days.


Complete waste of money for me. Don’t listen to the radio,obviously. Don’t watch any of their hammy dramas, dancing or tiddlywinks coverage. Basically pay £150 a year to fall asleep half way through MOTD each weekend

I really like the BBC, and think we’re really lucky to have such a broadcaster, so I’m going to mute this thread. Have fun! :grinning:


Miss the Bournemouth games then


I like the BBC. I just think they should have a word with themselves about what counts as ‘balanced news reporting’.


i think the bbc is a good idea but mostly a bit shit, most things are mostly a bit shit and most of them weren’t a good idea in the first place. :man_shrugging:

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I love the BBC and think it’s important that we (as in the Uk) have it

Sure it’s not perfect (I rarely watch BBC news, I’m sure it’s far from perfect)

It’s presence as an annoyance to Murdock/ Dacre et al is enough to justify it’s existence to me


Countryfile’s good.


Fuck John Humphrys in particular.

Although sometimes they’ll get a bit about a sheep and then they have to get a bit about a cow as well “for balance” even though it’s not balanced at all.

And whatever question gets asked the answer is always “baaa” or “moooo” and the presenter never presses for a better answer.

If they got him on Countryfile he’d just bore a heifer with his incessant dowsing propaganda.

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Joking aside, i’d glady pay double the current TV licence just for Radio 6, Countryfile, Springwatch, the three or four weeks of snooker coverage, Kermode, HIGNFY, the NFL Show and Simon Reeve.

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If you could sack 3 people from the beeb payroll, who would go?

  • Graeme Swann
  • Shaun Keaveney
  • Nick Robinson


John Humphrys
Andrew Neil
Nick Robinson


Oh shit Gregg Wallace would be first out the door. Keaveney can stay on the condition he swaps the breakfast show for someone I can stand


Basically whichever three people would be most likely to precipitate the demise of Saturday Live on Radio 4. So Keaveney’d be one of them, plus the vicar, and I guess the person who unlocks the studio for them.