Fuck the BBC News

An update!

Their replies are always so infuriatingly snotty.

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Full support for “brave” JK Rowling and Enoch Powell

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i’m not saying powell was right, BUT

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Fuck Amol Rajan, total prick. Absolutely loved it when Peter Oborne humiliated him on his own radio show


I take absolutely no view whatsoever on the issues that she raises.

And people will still say the BBC is too left-wing

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People using… the law??? How very dare they. Nice screenshot to use for any time I see someone criticise direct action with an ‘I agree with the sentiment but they’re going about it the wrong way’ though.


BBC publishes article on transgender issues written by a specialist LGBT+ reporter and shock horror it includes the voices of those directly affected and doesn’t offer a platform to hate groups.

Imagine if this kind of article was common across at least some parts of the media - so much suffering would be prevented.

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Absolutely baffled by this line tbh…

“'I’m not endorsing the argument; but the rhetorical power of that line comes from the fact that there are 16 words, the first 15 of which have one syllable, and the last of which has three.”

I mean the fact he went to Enoch Powell for a reference point on rhetoric and not, say, Tony Benn is obviously not a neutral act and you don’t need an A-level in Media Studies to figure it out. Think he knows that full well and is basically trolling, knowing he’ll get a pat on the head for it.


It is quite funny that even in a complimentary piece she’s getting compared to one of our most famous

It didn’t last long…

What a joke. As much as I’m sure the journalist is trying to do good, it’s frankly insulting that they have a position of LGBT+ Reporter when it’s pure window dressing.

Fuck it, I’m going to cancel my license.in the new year. I can go watch new seasons of Ghosts at my mother’s. Can’t stomach giving any more money than I have to towards more editions of Panorama.


Reporting on what really matters

i’ve been thinking of doing this too, what is the point of a public broadcaster theoretically being good if in practice it is very damaging