Fuck the BBC News

Agreed there will be a left leaning consensus in most student groups, but I don’t believe all the huge groups of sports club meatheads and (admittedly smaller) bunches of young tory weirdos have disintegrated


As long as there are agrics at universities, there’ll be safe spaces for Tories…

Depends where I reckon. About a year ago my brother was living in a house with all sport meatheads, including the head of the Rugby society who plans all the weird initiations they do, and all of that house were very staunchly labour supporters and had a bunch of ironic Soviet/Chinese/Mao/IRA shit all over the house. There was one weird prick who was dead Tory and Brexit but that was like his whole personality and was 100% bigging it up to get a rise out of them.

Politics didn’t really come up that much when I was at uni (I didn’t study politics)

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Dunno which country this guy’s living in if he thinks that supporting Brexit and voting Tory are not mainstream opinions


wondered if there’d be any follow up to that. didn’t realise they’d deleted the tweet with the video clip


What a swizz (Swiss)

Different blokes. One has glasses like Clark Kent. The other one looks like Superman.

So someone complained about this, and the BBC responded, saying that they don’t have to verify whether a statement is true if they put it in quotation marks.

Probably been covered before but is it now BBC editorial policy for every sentence to start on a new line?

Never knowingly under-hyped…



This is astonishing. Not just for the brazen propaganda but surely everyone knows who he is by this point?

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Of course…

Is he the jk rowling award guy?

And the Enoch Powell guy

Oh yeah. Eurgh.