Fuck the BBC News

You didn’t consult? (are you mad :astonished:) - I only asked the calves their opinions because they were around (and I would have put British if they hadn’t been), so was a bit surprised at English. Once they’ve experienced 20 years of public shaming for being English, they’ll soon change their minds / nationalities.

“I’m, like, a citizen of the world, maan”.

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I was born in the Caribbean, so I like to hold onto that when I can!


Just saw this and it seems potentially relevant to the posts directly above.

:+1: Lammy

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lol Stephen Nolan is absolutely losing it. first getting very upset at a petition calling for his show to be cancelled (he insisted the 13,000 names can’t be real and it’s all ‘dark forces’ trying to censor him), now threatening to sue a caller who challenged him on constantly platforming Jim Allister (essentially Northern Ireland’s Nigel Farage, the leader of a right wing party with only one seat in the Assembly)

and the call has apparently been cut out of the show’s playback on BBC Sounds


Heh. Comes across as an absolute baby, there.

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Apparently he had Allister on the show again the very next day, you’d think he might have quietly cancelled that booking for a few days at least to avoid embarrassment, but no, still fully lacking in self awareness.

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