Fuck the BBC


Another is this really national news? moment yesterday on 6music news: Cesc Fabregas had a bike stolen.

Can’t find anything on the BBC website about it. The only report I can find, apart from the following one, is by The Sun. Which maybe gives a measure of how genuinely newsworthy this is:

Hmmm. “Vlad Emil Grigoruta”. Wonder if that’s got anything to do with it?


Got the same - such institutional bullshit


I’ve followed up:

You wrote this to me:
“The cultural significance of Charanpreet Singh Lall wearing a turban at the Trooping of the Colour, and in doing so immediately becoming a recognisable figure in the public eye, makes it notable that he has failed a drugs test.”
No. It doesn’t. According to the updated BBC report, 220 soldiers failed drugs tests in Jul-Oct last year. Do you call each of them out by name? Do you comment on their religion? No, of course you don’t, because it is utterly irrelevant.
This kind of reporting reflects an institutional bias against race and/or faith. Your response doubles down on that rather than accepting any sort of mistake. This is particularly strange given the decision to change the original headline shows some awareness of that bias being wrong.


This is great stuff, man. Well done.


Bang on. In the middle of something right now, but I’ll see if I can muster the effort to do a similar response later on. The shithouses. How hard would it have been for them to at least have selected an off the shelf response about lessons learnt and future practice, etc, to pretend they give a shred of a toss?


I don’t recall exactly how the BBC’s complaints procedure works, but it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s a governance body you can refer your complaint to if you feel the news team are giving you short shrift.


Let’s have a debate!

Utter, utter trash.



He’s clearly neither; he’s a violent attention-seeking racist who is legitimised by shit like this.


I usually give the BBC the benefit of the doubt more than most of you on here, but that’s just indefensible.


Just came to post this.

In simple terms, this is how Farage began


Both claims are dangerous - obviously the “legitimate concerns” line is bullshit…but even painting him as some kind of clever manipulator with self-serving motivations is incredibly damaging. That kind of thing gives the impression that all his followers are being hoodwinked…and that they’re victims in this. They’re vile, disgusting racists!


Fucking hell, these are truly scary scary times


good job no one watches fucking newsnight now innit. racist cunt.


Fuck them up, AT!



i mean there’s no point highlighting how wrong their statement is because nothing at all matters anymore but this is a solid counter argument imo:


Haha. irked.


they’ve done a both sides!


I am equally fuming/terrified about this. I know that, in the context of this thread and all the shitty stuff that happens daily, it may not appear to be a significant moment, but it feels that way to me.

Using the exact same rhetoric as TR himself to defend their piece on him (a piece that framed his rabid racism as an “alternative viewpoint”) is normalising fascism. And it will have direct effects…TR supporters will also be emboldened now the BBC are effectively promoting the “people are ignoring the uncomfortable truth” line of thinking.

As I said, really frightening. Spent a few days on TR’s Facebook trying to unpick the various defences his supporters use. To see one pop up in this context has really thrown me.


Although at least I enjoyed this response: