Fuck the BBC


Here’s an article on who pays him

And I still think he’ll be an mp in the next 5 years


It would have been impossible not to give him a custodial sentence, in the circumstances

However, if I were to change the law, I don’t think it’s that helpful to lock people up for short prison sentences and would look to other means. confiscating all of his devices, banning him from speaking in public for a period of time, mandating him to attend workshops on anti-racism. the problem is, the kind of rehabilitation programme needed would require a hybrid of psychology, political science, sociology, education etc. in order to be effective. to my knowledge such a thing doesn’t exist.

See also: the recent story about a woman who raped other women in a prison. lots of people used it as an excuse for transphobic arguments about women’s safety - arguing that trans women should be in men’s prisons. how about just not looking women up in dangerous environments where they’re at a heightened risk of violence full stop? if our policy decisions are based on the inevitability of some people’s safety being compromised then maybe the problem is with the environments that endanger their safety and not with exactly how we separate people within those environments…

To go back to the newsnight piece, if the BBC really is a public service broadcaster then it has a duty to put on educational programmes made by experts who can explain what’s wrong with these ideas. this doesn’t necessarily have to be an argument about free speech and censorship; we can turn it around and demand more positive obligations on public bodies and media organisations to give ordinary people the tools they need in order to understand how wrong this guy and his followers are.


Probably the first article on Tommy Robinson I’ve read that doesn’t pontificate on his “appeal”. It’s it perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than most pieces written about him.

An MP within 5 years? :anguished: That would take some serious left apathy…I would’ve, perhaps wishfully, expected a nationwide opposition to that.


Ah I get your point, yes your vision of “offender” rehab makes so much more sense than the current system but, given our current laws, there was little choice (does highlight how ill-fitting the prison model is, though).

As for your last point, 100% agree. Somebody on here said something like “if your main defence of an argument is your right to express it…then you should probably reassess your argument” (think it was @AphexTwinkletoes?) . Really feel like the BBC should take that on board!


I watched the newsnight piece.
The image of Robinson in the background,with tape over his mouth,and alluding to him being some sort of silenced victim was ridiculous and offensive and completely plays into how he is desperate to be perceived. Is that some image from his own book? Was really weird for a public broadcaster to run with that as the backdrop.
BBC seem obsessed with giving a platform to UKIP and this twerp, in the name of ‘balance’, but seemingly not in the balance of their actual popularity. He’s been on, or referenced in loads of their shows, but his actual popularity seems tiny.
They kept alluding to some sort of hidden wave of popularity on social media for him as well (no idea, not on the twitterFacebook mate) and referenced it repeatedly, in a really needlessly defensive justification of the programme existing, but unless that is running into the millions, it doesn’t even support their flimsy argument for the need for balance…and their desire to air the views of a racist, fascist prick. Almost as if they know that but are more interested in ratings (well, I watched). Honestly think most people would be completely unaware of him if it wasn’t for their obsession with him


This balance thing isn’t just a bbc thing it’s all “liberal” media. The New York Times had an article bigging up coal yesterday.

Not gonna get Marxism op eds in the sun are you


It’s not left apathy that’s the problem. If there are more racists in a constituency than not he could easily win.
Running on an anti ticket is a fools game too as it solidifies support but if you offer an alternative it won’t get press coverage. Anyone would think the games rigged.
My personal opinion is that the violent right are being humanised through the press to prepare people for the capitalist lead global warming solution which will probably be genocide.




(still, as you said, this isn’t a justification. It’s just disheartening to see how popular he is)


I hate literally everything about this article and I hate it more than I can possibly put into words.


they had a link to an article on the homepage under the royal baby news today that said ‘when is ‘Spring’?’




I can think of one DiSer at least who needs to click that link.


‘What is Spring?’
‘What is season?’

Hard hitting journalism from the beeb


They’ve dredged up this horseshit again. (The Guardian and the Record tried it on back in May and got a beasting. As did The Herald back in December. Been seemingly content to wallow in the gutter all over again.)

Even just that snippet is chocka with weasel words.

One of the many comebacks, as if it were needed:


Tiny piece of credit due: the two talking heads bits at the end basically undermines the premise of the article.



it’s a bit springs over substance


I hate that ‘reality check’ thing. Someone must have thought that was a great idea. Could just not do rubbish reports.



“Steve Bannon is a key influencer in the rise of populism – one of the dominant political trends of our times. He has been invited to speak at News Xchange this year because his views are relevant to today’s society at large and therefore to the media industry.

“We also consider it our journalistic responsibility to share and scrutinise a range of relevant viewpoints within the framework of a balanced debate“