Fuck the BBC


If you’re chasing after views you’d get better opinions from Zoella or Jake Paul.


Unrelated but why is the bbc so obsessed with stormzy?


Remarkable how insufferable somebody can come across as in so few words.


might watch question time tonight then

if i get through more than 5 minutes with either rupturing something or smashing everything in the room i’ll consider it a victory for my calm and sensible side


I hope he starts to have a meat crash two thirds of the way through the show, or it gets abandoned because the other guests end up gagging at his toxic flatulence.


He’s now saying “forget about climate change its too late”.
(As well as “Lobsters have hierarchies, so hierarchies are natural and cool”)


He’s bringing David Davis along with him?


ooh can’t say ‘let the planet burn’ anymore.


https://twitter.com/ukdemockery/status/1053091402794573825?lang=en what on earth


Jordan P£t£rs0n on ‘best behaviour’ mode on BBCQT tonight, so they can have him on every 6 months.


Mad how obsessed everyone is with universities. Wtf. why do all these adults care so much about what the kids are up to. Paranoid old Weirdos.


Technically it’s adults caring about what adults are up to.


An incredibly tepid take.


Bit harsh on xylo, m8.


“most influential public intellectual in the Western World”


What’s this in reference to? (Specifically)


Jordan Peterson and people like him have an ongoing bee in their bonnets about ‘campus politics’, freedom and speech and whatever. They spend a lot of time moaning about young people as if it’s the end of civilisation cause someone got annoyed that they said something stupid. I think it’s just a continuation of old man yells at cloud but places like the bbc think it’s important to let the old man yell on tv. (He was on tv yesterday).


for the sake of “balanced opinion”


He didn’t yell on QT yesterday, he was very restrained. Might have spotted the inklings of some rapport with Diane Abbott of all people too. What a world.

Question Time is a crock of horseshit but Diane was very good on it last night I thought.


Yeah gotta look sensible with a bbc audience instead of that unhinged gq thing from the other day