Fuck the BBC


Yeah I’m sure the schedulers were probably disappointed with how it went eh. Probably wanted him to get his fire and brimstone act out.

re: GQ I imagine most people on here would probably get a bit unhinged in conversation with Helen Lewis as well tbh!


I think he’s learnt to keep very quiet during a lot of these things now.

In the event, the audience (exterminate people!) and David Aaronovitch (listing every black cultural stereotype he could as the cause of knife crime) made him look relatively moderate.


Yeah I actually jolted out of my seat at that. Fucking hell.


I typed up an interview with Aaronovitch the other day that did nothing to improve my opinion of him, I have to say. Unguarded, in conversation with people he considers his peers, he’s quite off-putting.


Why is this news?
Why is this in the public interest?
Why do you think that’s what hacked means?


Wonder if it will be protected by the council.


Can anyone think of a single positive contribution that Aaronovitch has made to any argument, column, appearance or anything he has ever contributed to? There’s just nothing.

Ok when he was on Daily Politics when Alex Jones was on it maybe. That was amusing. But that’s a pretty big target.


His defense of Scruton the other day was REALLY weird:


Wow, that’s amazing.


And regarding his views on the built environment: Pretty much every expert in the fields of architecture, urban design and planning disagrees with his opinions because they’re outdated and reactionary.

The announcement of Scruton’s appointment is just another attempt by the government to open up a further front in the ‘culture war’ narrative.


He last published a book on architecture (and the aesthetics thereof) in… 1997. Just the kind of forward-thinking young buck we need I say.

I was also not aware of this, and it brightened up my week http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/573718.stm


He writes and lectures a fair bit on Architecture, plus the government appointed him, Quinlan Terry (pastiche neo-classicist architect) and Terry Farrell (decent urban designer, but with a bad po-mo streak) to write their design guide a few years ago:


Tiny, unliveable, backward-looking homes for a tiny, unliveable, backward-looking island


Still don’t understand what his shtick actually is. From what I’ve seen just a load of cobbled together ideas about ‘men’s rights’, scientifically inaccurate ideas about human/lobster behaviour, and something about stroking cats when you see them. Is he basically Alain de Botton for Alt-Right types?


He’s got his own theme tune: https://youtu.be/DPPX6dZT0Vw


I won’t stroke cats now because of him, have to wave at them instead


Wave at them, whilst assuming the posture of a lobster?



The kind of thing that would form the basis of a churned out Taschen book sold for £3.99 in a sale at Virgin Megastore.

Urgh. Not respecting the TSRGD should be punishable by a day in the stocks.




The fuck is a tsrgd?